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Where to get this bronze elbow?\"

cwilliams2000 Member Posts: 140
The water pressure in my house I just oved into, 10 yrs old is 120psi! As soon as a facuet starts it creeps down and within about 15 second it goes to 60 psi, there is a conbraco pressure regulator there which doesnt seem to be responding to anything. I tried to replace it and thought I was golden when I bought the cheaper watts model which is exactly the same size and even threaded correctly. My problem is... The service pipe is 3.4" and it comes right into a heavy bronze elbow which points upward and right into the conbraco with a brass nut and rubber washer under. Then the other end is a female 3/4" threaded which goes into the pipe. The problem is that the watts regulator used an o-ring for sealing and has routed edge if you know what I mean, and the elbow there has a flat edge and a flat washer type. When I tried to assemble it anyway the threads match but it wont thread down enough to seal properly and it probably wouldt be a good idea anyway.

This probably makes no sense, and I am sorry for wasting bandwidth, but I wanted to know if I was missing a huge obvious issue. The item I would need would basically be a brass or broze elbow (but longer than normal its a gentle curve and extends about 2 inches on one end) and have the watts compatible oring sealer on the other. Or do I have to just put another adapter in and solder what I need from there. Thank you


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