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Amtrol Hot Water Maker cleaning ?

Dave_97 Member Posts: 2
Would you do this with the tank empty and just heat up the coils? What is your thought using the CLR type cleaner As I had did in the past ? It took a good long flushing out.


  • Dave_97
    Dave_97 Member Posts: 2
    Amtrol hot water maker cleaning?

    I have a Amtrol 41 ga hot water maker. Anyone have any ideas the best way to clean it? I have in ther past poured 1 gallon of CLR in the holding tank and let it set for a few hours, turning it on for a bit to heat the tank and pipe but don't know if that will harm the insides. There is a copper spiral tube/pipe inside which spirals from the bottom to the top and back down which the hot water from my boiler which circulates the hot water through to heat my colder water around it. I have a lot of lime and mineral buidup on this tube or pipe.( i did last time i cleaned it- 2-3 yrs ago) Any Ideas to remove this hard buildup? The CLR seemed to do ok, but there may be a better way?
  • kevin coppinger_4
    kevin coppinger_4 Member Posts: 2,124
    THE WAND.....

    if you pop off the t&p valve from the top of the heater, take a 3/8" piece of copper tubing 30" long that is crimped off at the end but has 1/8" holes drilled in the first 2" of the end inserted. Adapt the end to a hose thread...I have heard of 2 ways...1> heat up the coil and spray cold water on the hot coil to descale or 2> hook up to a pony pump and spray mild acid onto it...kpc

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  • Al_19
    Al_19 Member Posts: 170

    Amtrol calls for cleaning with commercial ice machine cleaner or the wand. Take a look at page 11 at the following:
  • KAG
    KAG Member Posts: 82

    Do you have any filters or water treatment. These can slow down your cleanings and plumbing maintance, multi pin wholes in piping.
  • Steve M_2
    Steve M_2 Member Posts: 121
    Amtrol Hot Water makers

    The build up is likely on the inside of the coil especially if it's an older tank. The design of the coil caused mineral build up and I believe they redesigned the coil years ago to prevent this from what I was told. You can removed the coil to inspect it and replace it if it's bad. I'm not a big Amtrol boilermate fan, I've seen alot of tank failures as well. Bite the bullet and get a stainless tank with a lifetime warranty.

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