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Steam Heat Clanking

G_2 Member Posts: 1
I've lived in a 9 apt. building with a hot water steam heat boiler, and two radiators in each apt. for over a year now. The system clanks every time the steam comes on at 6:30 and now 7:30 in the morning and sometimes at night as well. I found that the noise comes from the radiator in the apt. above mine. My radiators do not clank when the valves are open or closed. I think that the radiator in the apt. above me is filled with water or has too much pressure going to it as it shakes when you turn its valve on when the systems steam is on.
1) Does it matter if you close the valves on one or both radiators in an apt. if you do not want the heat.
2) Should a system clank just because someone has opted to close the valves on a radiator during a heating cycle?


  • Christian Egli_2
    Christian Egli_2 Member Posts: 812
    Steam is no clunky heat, it shouldn't clank.

    The noises mean a little maintenance is due. It could be as simple as some worn out traps or vents that are the cause of the noises you hear. Some pipe sagging could also be the culprit. A find a professional could help you in that regard.

    Talk about it to the owner, trap maintenance always results in less tenant complaint, better heat, and fuel savings. It is easy.

    The radiator above yours seems water logged, which would explain the shaking.

    About the valve operation.

    If your radiator has two pipe connections, one supply with the valve and one outlet with a trap, then you can keep the valve in whatever position you want.

    If your radiator only has one large pipe connected to it, then the valve can only either be fully open, or fully shut. Anywhere half way and you can get some of the problem you describe. This only is true of one pipe connection radiator.

    But you can still open and close all these valves as often as you wish, in any order you wish, on any radiator you wish.

    Best whishes.

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