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Burnham Boiler

is a 150 psi relief valve the right one for that boiler . I bet someone was there for a water leak and didn't have the standard 30 psi. valve .

Are you sure the minimum relief valve capacity you read wasn't in btus ? I often see them rated something like 130,000 btus an hour , maybe even 130 BTUH ? I could be way off with the btu number though .


  • scott75
    scott75 Member Posts: 101

    Model #P-205A-WNV. Did a PM today and found the boiler to have a 150psi relief valve on it. I have never seen that high rated relief valve on a boiler before. Our company installed this about 5-6 years ago. Today was the first time they have had it serviced. (So they say, there was an old thermocouple sitting right on top of the boiler). We don't have any records of having been back. I know the PRV comes with the boiler 99% of the time. On the data plate, the operating pressure is 12psi, but it also says "min. relief valve capacity: 130psi" I tried calling Burnham tech support and wasn't able to get through to anyone. Can someone tell me if this is the correct PRV for this boiler?

    Thanks in advance
  • scott75
    scott75 Member Posts: 101

    Maybe it was in MBH. I can't picture it in my head. But I must have thought it was psi for a reason. Maybe I just assumed. Is it usually diffucult to contact Burnham tech support?
  • Guy_6
    Guy_6 Member Posts: 450

    Sounds like a homeowner repair to me. Something that they may not want to admit....
  • Geo_5
    Geo_5 Member Posts: 69

    Hey, If the guy at the orange box thinks it's ok for a water heater than what the hell, boiler ...water heater...same thing...:(
  • scott75
    scott75 Member Posts: 101
    thats what I thought...

    only the wife was there. The husband was out of town. I'm sure he knows something that she doesn't. I'll contact them tomarrow about getting that changed. Since I don't do much hydronics, I didn't know if there was something I just didn't know. Sad thing was, no one at my company knew (I'm the newest tech). One even swore he installed a Burhnam last week that had a PRV rated for 150 psi. I need to get out of here.
  • Scott

    The relief valve that is provided with that boiler should have a maximum pressure rating od 30 psi. The model number of the valve should be #10-408-05 Conbraco. As stated already, 150 psi relief valves are only used on water heaters. I am quite certain that nothing even resembling a 150 psi relief valve could have ever been installed on that boiler at our factory since we don't have anything of the sort in the plant. Please check it out and change it if it is indeed the wrong one. This could be a serious issue if it is indeed the wrong one. You can reach our Technical Services Staff at 1-800-722-0720 (Option 1). Hope this helps.

    Glenn Stanton

    Manager of Training

    Burnham Hydronics

    U.S. Boiler Co., Inc.
  • scott75
    scott75 Member Posts: 101

    Thanks for the reply. I was wondering if it was possible if the wrong relief valve was sent and maybe the installer didn't notice. However, I didn't think Burhnam made water heaters and didn't think it was possible. Now I know for certain. Thanks again.
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