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ClearFire Boiler

Jesaire Member Posts: 1
Pro's vs. Con's
I am interested in hearing the pro's & con's of the clearfire boiler,

I will be replacing a fulton pusle boiler with one.

many thanks


  • Brad White_9
    Brad White_9 Member Posts: 2,440
    Have not specified one yet...

    Made by Huval in Lichtenstein (not France as I had thought). 316L stainless steel water-side surfaces (not aluminum as I had thought). Good modulation and efficiency by the curves.

    Best thing going as far as my confidence level is that they are sold/marketed/distributed by Cleaver-Brooks.

    Only limitation on the technical side as far as competitive specification (we do a fair amount of public work so seek "equals"): The top range is 1.8 million BTUH input. Most others are 2.0 MM as a common denominator, so you would need more ClearFires to make up a given plant over a certain size.

    Still, the sizing has to match the load of course.

    No experience on the service-side of things; I will definitely leave that to others. But I do hope that they are viable in the wide market of ModCon boilers for commercial projects. The more viable names the better.

    My $0.02

  • Dougie
    Dougie Member Posts: 12
    Installed 2 of them last year

    In seperate buildings of the same office complex. These were the first units installed in our area. We have them on a cooling tower loop supplying 80F, which they do an admirable job of.

    The only problems we've had so far are related to the on-board controllers. I forget the model but they're owned by Honeywell and made in Holland (I think).
    Numerous lockouts on the first install until I convinced the local rep to change the control. Since then we haven't had a problem.

    On the second one, I get a no heat call about every 2 months or so and usually find it locked out on flame failure. The units are still under warranty, so I've had the warranty rep out since the last call to open it up and investigate the cause. I haven't heard back from them but I haven't had a no heat call since then either.

    On the good side the boiler operates so quietly that you have to check the display to see if it's on. The casing is designed for quick removal and they include a drop-down step for easier access to the valve train and components. Efficiency consistently remains in the high 90's. Cost wise they came in significantly under a comparable Fultun Pulse.
    Overall I like this boiler and I think if they've worked out the bugs in the controller then CB's got a good product on their hands.
  • Josh_10
    Josh_10 Member Posts: 787

    I haven't personally seen one run properly yet.. If you are into that market I would look into the Aerco KC-1000 or the Aerco BMK 2.0. I am super impressed with the Aerco.
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