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Hey Prof...

Sounds interesting, but the same thing can be accomplished without a compressor at all, but the rate of heat transfer will be lower. This can be accomplished with a circulator pump.

I like the concept though.

Heat reclaim is definitely becoming a bigger issue and one that needs a lot of attention paid to it.


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    What do you think of this?




  • [Deleted User]
    But basically...

    it is just a refrigerant based compressor/condensor/evaporator package with a reversing valve, no?

    It just cracks me up when people start taking off shelf systems, bending them around to making them do what THEY want to do , and calling it better and more efficient.

    I've been a big proponent of waste heat recovery for a LONG time. I installed a refrigerant based recovery system for a walk in cooler at an old folks home back in 1981. Not only did it save them a lot of gas used for heating hot water, it also reduced their water and sewerage bill from the existing water cooled condensor.

    What new things are going on in the world of refrigeration? I hear tell of variable speed scroll compressors coming out with higher than normal COP's, and the ability to virtually eliminate the need for buffer tanks on GSHP systems. You hearing anything professor?

    Always looking for the best of the best for my customers.

    Thanks for your contributions!

  • Eugene Silberstein 3
    Eugene Silberstein 3 Member Posts: 1,380
    I Agree Mark

    The one beautiful thing about heat reclaim is that you don't even need a refrigerant based setup to accomplish the task of moving heat from a higher temperature substance to one that is at a lower temperature. If the goal is to reclaim heat, then it should, at least in my opinion, be done with as little extra power expenditure as possible. If you can save $5 worth of "heat" at a cost of only $8, what good have we provided?

    Consider, at least in concept, a heat exchanger that is comprised of a sealed water loop with a low wattage circulator. One end of the loop is in intimate contact with, let's say a waste heat source such as a flue pipe. The other end of the loop is in intimate contact with the cold water supply to a water heater. No pump, no compressor, no "nuttin". That's about as close to "free" as you're going to get.

    So yes, Mark, I agree with you 100% about all of the fancy heat reclaim products on the market. I personally am not a fan of them, but this certainly is one hell of a country, no?

    $10 a gallon for stuff that comes out of the tap for free?

    Gotta love it!

    I haven't heard anything about the tanks on ground source heat pumps. What have you heard?
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