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Taco ESP zone valve

Bob Forand
Bob Forand Member Posts: 305
A problem with the ESP zone valves on the first run ? I know this was some time ago, but I think I recall an issue with some of the first series...


  • Jeff Elston
    Jeff Elston Member Posts: 289
    3/4 zone valves

    Dose anyone know the story behind the ESP valve I thought I read about a recall, I called my local rep. and he didn't seem to know off hand He going to call me back.

    Here's my scenario I'll be returning to a job I completed in 2001, I installed 180 3/4 ESP valves. I am going back to start installing A/H

    Times up bwife is calling more later Thanks in advance
  • Ron Schroeder
    Ron Schroeder Member Posts: 998
  • Joe Mattiello_2
    Joe Mattiello_2 Member Posts: 94
    ESP valve

    What we found is a software glitch that manifests itself, in the field, generally as an over heat situation. After the thermostat calls, the glitch affects the ability of the microprocessor to properly control the operation of the valve. Therefore, when the thermostat is satisfied the actuator may not return to the full closed position. Because this is random and not repetitive, the next time the thermostat actuates, the microchip is reset and seems to go back into a normal operation mode until the next random glitch occurs.

    The situation has been corrected and new heads have been built for Taco inventory in expectation of field requirements. All ESP Zone Valves with the “software patch” will carry an 8/06 date code or later. The master cartons and the individual valve boxes will carry an orange sticker to differentiate them from older inventory.
    We know that the ESP Zone Valves with this problem carry dates codes of 04/05, 07/05 – 12/05, and 05/06 - 07/06.
    We are swapping out our own inventory as well as our wholesaler’s inventory. We have a procedure for our reps to get replacement actuators into the hands of those affected contractors ASAP.

    The important thing here is that the problem is random and does not affect every ESP, the problem has been identified and traced to specific date codes and a fix has been instituted. If you have actuators that match the dates codes above please contact your local Taco rep for replacement actuators. Your local wholesaler can facilitate a warranty claim for you.

    Joe Mattiello
    Technical Support Technician
    Tel. 401-942-8000 X 484
    Fax. 401-942-2360
    1160 Cranston St
    Cranston, RI 02920
    [email protected]
  • Weezbo
    Weezbo Member Posts: 6,232
    When you purchased has somebearing buh those run dates

    are real important...we are (me an my mouse in my pocket) calling the G.C;s and giving them an answer to lay on the homeowners to keep this down to a dull roar. As Taco may have a bit of a challange on thier hands getting the heads distributed let me suggest turn off the power to the boiler and controls ,turn the thermostats UP turn the power back on....wait till the light shows steady green,...turn the thermostats back down,make sure they are all off ....turn the power back off and on ......that seems to reset them for about a month or so.

  • Jeff Elston
    Jeff Elston Member Posts: 289

    Thanks for the response Joe, these valves all have the NO/NC switch on the side. The local rep. asked for the date codes and I will get them to him. I can not comment on what is wrong with them, all I know is that the maintenance man would just take the head off and leave the valve open, the valve opening and closing was not essential to the functioning of the heat soooo I guess they wrote on the slip it was fixed. We were never called so I was not able to properly diagnose the real problem. I may be mistaken but I think I remember reading on Taco's site about that switch and some kind of recall. I looked again and could not find anything. But I'll get those date codes and we'll see what happens. Thanks Again
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