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Total Efficiency through Hydronics

hr Member Posts: 6,106
the series he did last year, by all means attend.

Last year he covered applications for VS circs, multiple modulating boilers, interfacing wood fired, solar to hydronic interface, minitube and a bit more. All vert timely info.

Trust me you will learn a bunch and get your moneys worth, and the seminar manual alone is worth the admission price :)

hot rod

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  • Darin Cook_2
    Darin Cook_2 Member Posts: 205
    Has anyone been to this seminar taught by John Sigenthaler?

    Anyone have a critique to offer of this class? I am thinking of going to it.

  • singh
    singh Member Posts: 866
    no, but

    I was thinking of going myself. I don't know if I can make the upcoming dates.
    Which class dates are you thinking about Darin. I would like to see more dates added, and closer locations.

    I think it will cover condensing boilers, solar hot water, zoning etc..

    I've been to one of Siggy's seminars at ISH-Boston. Very good and informative.
    But be prepared for a lot of formulas. :-)

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  • Darin Cook_2
    Darin Cook_2 Member Posts: 205

    I was thinking of going out to Syracuse on April 21st. If that date works we could carpool out.

  • singh
    singh Member Posts: 866

    I was hoping you would say Anchorage, AK on May 25 th!!! : ))

    Seriously, I doubt if I can go to Syracause, I thought about NH but that's not looking good either, Edison NJ but it may mean getting up very early, But not sure yet.

    I may have to wait till next year, have a good time..

    Are you going to ISH?

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  • Gregory Pex
    Gregory Pex Member Posts: 9

    Go to the class. Great Ideas.
  • Darin Cook_2
    Darin Cook_2 Member Posts: 205
    Off to see Siggy

    I am calling to reserve a seat today. Thanks for the input.

  • ALH_4
    ALH_4 Member Posts: 1,790
    Highly recommended

    John Siegenthaler is an excellent speaker. Everything is clearly explained with diagrams and correct formulas. I have not been to a lot of hydronics seminars, but if I had to attend just one, it would be Siegenthaler's.
    The only thing I wonder about is the mini-tube idea when we have modulating condensing boilers available to increase efficiency, but that's just a design philosophy question. Mini-tube design is a great idea when using a non-condensing boiler, but IMO non-condensing boilers are quickly becoming an appliance of the past.

  • Unfortunately...

    every time I get an opportunity to attend one of Siggys classes, I'm either bound and gagged by lawyers, or am teaching at the same time he's teaching. But I can tell you this, ANY time spent with Mr Siegenthaler is time well spent. You WILL come away with a new perspective on hydronics. And you WILL learn something of value that you can use. I'd say go for it any any cost.

  • siggy
    siggy Member Posts: 79
    MEC seminars


    Thank you for the complements and recommendations. I really do appreciate honest feedback on how our seminars and articles are being received and how the information in them is being applied. It makes my day to hear from someone who has put some of these ideas to good use.

    The MEC seminars were conceived to put the very latest generic design information on hydronic heating in front of those who would latch on to it and use it. It's focussed on design because that's still where the ultimate fate of the system is sealed. Lot's of people can solder copper, wire a circulator, and put down PEX tubing. Not as many have a good grip on ideas that can fine tune their hardware installations or save on both installation and operating cost without sacraficing quality. Over the years I've seen way too much "cookie cutter" design - especially (an unfortunately) from consulting engineering firms more accustomed to larger system design, and often not taking advantage of opportunites to optimize their system for custom residential and light commercial projects. Changing their design approach for such projects was one of the original goalsof the MEC seminars. Each year we've updated and expanded the material to keep the seminar on the cutting edge.

    Since 2004 we've done 20 MEC seminars and I've thoroughly enjoyed every one of them. New ideas, great questions, and lots of interaction in a room filled with many dedicated professionals.

    Perhaps I'll see some of you at these events over the next couple of months.

    Thanks again for the discussion.

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