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Computer goofing off again :(

Weezbo Member Posts: 6,232
norton wont connect for v up date,lost my threads again... must be time to save contacts to disc this time...


  • Brad White_49
    Brad White_49 Member Posts: 14
    Weezbo- Do you tend to find

    that the Norton products work well much of the time, but then get "emotionally needy"? Sort of like a cat that drags in a dead mouse and says, "see what I did? Am I not the best?...

    Ever since I installed their Internet Security 2006, I have been bombarded with error messages proclaiming that I have to re-start. (Nothing of the sort, just wants to tell me it has value....)

    Do you have Norton Go-Back? I give them credit for that one. You can select a previous date and time and it will restore your hard-drive to a "safe point".

    Just a rant with thoughts interwoven...

  • siggy
    siggy Member Posts: 79
    computer problems


    Perhaps you've heard this before, but my suggestion is to get a macintosh computer and save windows for situations in which you have to use it because of windows-only software.

    You can pick up a practically new mac mini on ebay for around $400. It comes with all the software you would need for internet and e-mail. Software that makes internet explorer and outlook express look pretty tired. All macs also come with iphoto that makes it very easy to manage digital photos.

    The best part is that you can simply forget about internet viruses, adware, malware, whatever-ware. You just don't get these on a mac system, and you don't have to spend $40+ / year to keep this stuff off your system.

    I've had people tell me their productivity on a mac system running the new OS10.4 is twice that of working on a windows PC.

  • Constantin
    Constantin Member Posts: 3,796

    ... and when will HDS & HydronicCad make their appearance on the Mac then?

    ...and will you offer a cross-grade to extant Windows-license holders?

  • Weezbo
    Weezbo Member Posts: 6,232
    Siggy.Thank you :)

    That Sank In

  • Weezbo
    Weezbo Member Posts: 6,232
    Constantine....what is lindows?

    is that some interface to run windows on mac or is that a mistaken sentiment i had :)
  • siggy
    siggy Member Posts: 79
    HDS and HydroniCAD on Mac

    A very fair question. We've had several inquiries on this. The short term answer (and this is not easy for me to say) is to use Microsoft Virtual PC 7 on the mac to enable it to run HDS and HydroniCAD. I've done this and the results are "acceptable." Speed is slow but it does work. You can also copy and paste between the Windows window and mac-based software.

    Given that Apple is now switching all macintosh computer to Intel processors it should only be a matter of time until a mac can run both operating systems (Windows and OS10). Hackers have already proven this is possible, but I'm inclined to wait until Apple releases an "official" way to do this. When this is here It should be straightforward to run HDS and HydroniCAD in their native windows code on a mac system.

    Unfortunately we do not have the time, money and staff to write a version of these programs for the mac OS. The potential audience is just too small, at least at this point. We do have plans to release symbols in a generic macintosh format that would allow them to work within other macintosh CAD software. Not sure on a release date, but likely later this year.

  • Brad White_9
    Brad White_9 Member Posts: 2,440

    (Did you see something I missed, Weez?)

    Lindows is a hybrid operating system but is Linux based (open source code OS which is very stable), but tailored to a Windows look and feel. That is how I would describe it.

    I use Linux for a weather station out of a small box computer. Never had a problem with it. Never used Lindows though.
  • Constantin
    Constantin Member Posts: 3,796
    I look forward to it...

    ... I'm running HDS on Virtual PC, and the slowness of VPC 7 probably has more to do with running XP Pro on it than anything else. I concur that the potential Mac market for hydronic-related goods is small to say the least... yet some software vendors have made such niches a profitable business.

    Anyway, thank you for being this responsive and I hope that HydronicCad/HDS will marry at some point in the future so that if we can draw it, that we can also analyze it before it is installed. Imagine being able to see the flow of water through the system, how it responds to zones opening and closing, etc. It would be a very, very cool product, with no equal, AFIAK.

    With SPICE out in the public domain, I'd like to think that the same principles can be applied to analyzing, what-if modeling hydronic systems as well. But I'll leave those pesky implementation details to you... and all I want is 10% of the revenue for the idea. (just kidding)
  • singh
    singh Member Posts: 866
    Constantin & Siggy

    I have a G5, but have been reluctant to get HDS (as much like to) because I fear it would be slow while running on VPC 7. However, since you two have macs, are there any issues other than speed. I only use VPC when running ADS for heat loss calcs. I tried a demo of loop cad and that was way too slow. But that was when I had VPC 6 and an older G4. Now that I've upgraded, may be ok?

    I have to agree, no problems what so ever on the mac, even for someone like me who is not very computer savvy. I do no maintenance whatsoever.
    I will say I think the Apple share may be on the rise, It will be interesting to watch in the future. P.S To anybody out there if you do buy a new mac, the current version of VPC 7 is not compatible with the INTEL chip. Wait a little. I have a pre-intel mac.

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  • Constantin
    Constantin Member Posts: 3,796
    HDS is snappy in emulation...

    ... Windows isn't. If you can, use Win2000, which is the preferred platform for VPC from the Apple people I have spoken to. Not as much bloat, plenty of compatibility, not so many hangovers as Win98, ME, etc.

    I'm running it on a G4 Laptop @ 1.5GHz, so the G5 should give you plenty of horsepower. Some day, I'll try it out on a Dual G5... well, I can dream, right?
  • Nick Dearing_2
    Nick Dearing_2 Member Posts: 7
    Don't Forget

    Once you go Mac, you will never go back! LOL I have done work with PC computers for 12 years and just made the switch to Mac. It was one of the best things I ever did!
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