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Inherited design and build

Rich_26 Member Posts: 1
It’s been 15 years since I designed a hot water system and a good 20 since I went to IBR, so I’m being cautious. My concerns are many on this inherited job.

I have inherited a Hydronic job that has a mix and match system. The boiler is a Trinity T150 with domestic hot water capability. The pump that the literature requested has been installed on the primary loop. The secondary loop has a larger pump already installed, a Grundfos UP-26-99F which provides 15 GPM at 15 Ft head.

All Primary and Secondary loop piping is 1-1/4” Which seems fine since everything wont be calling for heat at once.

Secondary piping stops like shown, what is the best way to hook up these runs and what items are suggested?

A> The Unico Air Hander, is it ok to loop or connect the secondary piping where it ends, tap into the secondary with 1” and take it to the Unico? Can this be done using monoflo or is a pump required OR can I run it to the Unico and use a 3 way valve at the Unico?

B> The series baseboard is located upstairs and has way too much resistance so I think a small circulator would work well on this. What anti flow device would work with this loop and pump?

C> The Small 6 foot radiator is 8 feet below the secondary loop, I was going to install a monoflo tee in that, we don’t care if it heats all the time. I’m fearful of using two monoflo’s due to head loss on the secondary pipe.

D> The Auxiliary air handler is way oversized for the application but we can turn the fan down, We only need four GPM on this unit max, can a monoflo tee or two provide this or is a pump necessary?

E> I guess I’m asking if the UP-26-99 pump may possibly work to provide all the circulation required without putting extra pumps on. The Unico can have the water flow through it at all times or we can put a three-way valve on it.

F> IF, upstairs large series loop is the only thing calling for heat, and we supply 4 GPM through that, what about the secondary pump providing 15 gpms? Can this hurt the pump? This is why I suggested the three-way zone valve at the Unico air handler.

My sincere thanks,

Pump Curves for pumps already installed
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