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stalple up

Uni R
Uni R Member Posts: 663
Maybe they want to sell more boilers and circs? ;-)


  • Nron_13
    Nron_13 Member Posts: 164
    Staple up

    just got off the phone with one of the whole salers and we had a discussion about using non O2 barrier pipe to do staple up to help eliminate the noise of expansion and contraction to the system , I always have used O2 barrier pipe and done a constant circ method and used the zone valve as an injection point to keep noise to a minimum , they said that using non barrier pipe is ok and does not require isolation with a heat exchanger ,Is this correct I was told in many courses that I have attended to new use non barrier pipe without a heat exchanger no matter what boiler is used
  • Jim_65
    Jim_65 Member Posts: 184
    Heat Exchanger/Circs.

    As far as I know you have to use non-ferrous components when using non-oxygen barrier tubing. Such components as flat plate heat exchangers, bronze or stainless circs, etc.

    In your dealings with this supplier in the past have they demonstrated knowledge concerning radiant systems?

    Sounds like they have a pretty good stock of non-O2 they would like to sell...Nothing like pushing product.

    IMHO stay with O2 Barrier Pex!

  • you'd be crazy to do staple up without an oxygen barrier or without a heat exchanger if you use non-barrier pipe.

    I would suggest trying out PEX-AL-PEX on a job. a little harder to work with, but 1/10 the expansion.
  • Tim Doran
    Tim Doran Member Posts: 208

    The O2 problem is a ratio thing. If there are no ferris metal components in the system then use non-barrier pipe, if there are ferris metal components then use barrier pipe. 15 to 20 btu/sqft or less, 3/8 barrier pex, long sweeps, large holes (comparitively)when crossing joists, pex clips not staples, lowest possible water temp at all times(reset) and the noise problems will not exist.

    Tim D.
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