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boiler leaking above water line

Darin_3 Member Posts: 27
"Boier Liquid" from Hercules has treated us well but is not a repair. You need to replace the old girl. Good Luck


  • Eddie M
    Eddie M Member Posts: 26

    my filled my boiler and it is leaking above water level. can this be fixed? i cant afford a new boiler
  • kevin coppinger_4
    kevin coppinger_4 Member Posts: 2,124
    doesn't sound ....

    good Eddie. Not a whole lot to do...other than replace...try to find a contractor to work with you on a payment plan....kpc

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  • Mike Reavis_2
    Mike Reavis_2 Member Posts: 307
    If it is not more than 5-10 years old

    you may be able to replace individual sections. The problem might be finding someone with the time to get it, and install it this time of year.

    Whatever you do, discover the reason for the failure.

  • Eddie M
    Eddie M Member Posts: 26

    its a utica boiler about 20 years old. What is a ball park figure on a new boiler for a house with 6 radiators.
  • Al Corelli
    Al Corelli Member Posts: 454

    No one here can give a "ballpark price" without seeing the job.

    Where are you located?

    Please look under "Find a Pro" and see if someone is in your area.

    I know, Dan. I'm working on it.
  • mark  smith
    mark smith Member Posts: 112

    you need a new boiler .....plain an' simple

    don't waste money tryin' to "fix" this ..
  • Guy_6
    Guy_6 Member Posts: 450

    Unless there is a tankless plate buried beneath the jacket. This is where a tankless coil for hot water WOULD be if the boiler was built as such. If not, a simple steel plate and gasket cover the opening. The gaskets fail over time and leak. If this were the issue with your boiler, a new gasket and probably a new plate would be much less costly than a boiler.
  • Bob W._3
    Bob W._3 Member Posts: 561

    Curious about this one. If it is a steam boiler at really really low pressure, is it possible that one could patch it? I suspect the old timers had such methods. Some use JBWeld to fix radiators - could the same be used to fix small pinhole leaks? They sell boiler repair liquids; perhaps you could call a supply house and ask them about it.


    I personally would consider replacing the boiler but it there is no money to do so, perhaps there is a solution that will buy you time. Good luck.
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