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Air purger

Chuck_23 Member Posts: 8
Thanks for the input - I'm not a heat technician,but the way my system is setup,the thermostat calls for heat which in turn tells the control box to start the circs.As water is circulated,boiler temp drops which in turn fires the boiler.So I don't think there would be any condition where the boiler would fire before the circs are running.


  • Chuck_23
    Chuck_23 Member Posts: 8
    Installed wrong?

    I just had a Peerless WBV-03 boiler installed by a plumber that was a friend of a friend.Then,a different plumber came by and said he installed the air purger wrong. He put it after the circulators on the supply side and then capped off
    one end.Is there any way that this will function properly?
    Seems to me that all the air will be pumped through the zones before it even reaches the air purger.It does have the air vent on top and expansion tank below but it's at the
    very end of the manifold.
  • Empire_2
    Empire_2 Member Posts: 2,343
    Air scoop?

    Are you talking about an air scoop? Has the 1/8" tap on top and the 1/2" npt on the bottom? If so, I install this at the suctoin side on my pump on the supply side, and have the main water comming to the 1//2" tee I install between the extrol tank and the actual air scoop. Is the thing 1" or 1 1/4" on the ends? A pic would be great. Air scoops need to be in line no matter where you find them installed. I have seen them on the discharge of the pump and I don't have a problem with that as long as the expansion tank is not attached in this spot.
  • Ted_9
    Ted_9 Member Posts: 1,718

    sounds like its piped on the supply manifold after the zones. Not going to do much there. Show us a pic.

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  • Chuck_23
    Chuck_23 Member Posts: 8
    Air purger (scoop)

    I'll try to post a pic if I can find the time,it's an Amtrol
    air purger (scoop,same thing),1"1/4 ends,with an air vent on top and an Extrol expansion tank on the bottom.Here's the sequence from the boiler out(supply)
    90 elbow,then a series of nipples and T's that 3 circs.are
    tapped into,then another 90,nipple,air scoop,cap.There is no flow through the scoop.Viewing the boiler from the front,the 1st 90 elbow from the boiler faces you.Then the manifold runs straight towards front of boiler.The circs. are tapped into the T's and direct flow upward.The last 90 elbow turns to the left where the scoop and tank are.
    Hope that helps if I can't get a pic on soon.
  • Weezbo
    Weezbo Member Posts: 6,232
    is it pointless to install quality pieces...

    with different qualities in any which way and come up with a quality system? it is like lashing up a crane cam and nitro injection system and then blowing by the idea of exhaust manifolds . call me superstitious buh ,...the basic idea would be to have the control of the removal of entrained air in line with flow. i would say that what you describe is basically a expensive purge valve/boiler header drain down with the additional questionable value of a larger expansion tank. when a boiler started up the air would likely go to the air remover, thing is, as soon as the circs started, the air on the capped side of the air remover would still be there...so it would help remove air from combustion when the boiler fired and there was no circulator running, thing is, when it was running and the circs were running as well the air would look for some "High spot" in which to live... that could be anywhere in the system .the probable effects would be gurgling sounds and no heat in an air locked zone from time to time.
  • Please

    Find some time to post a pic of this setup . It sounds like the installer forgot all about the air scoop and added it in the most convenient place as an afterthought . It might just vent all the air out of the boiler , but it won't do a bit of good for the system piping .
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