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Cast Iron Baseboard & Radiator

Greg -

I'd be interested in the radiator maybe... if you have a picture? Or a description? Thanks!



  • Greg_31
    Greg_31 Member Posts: 3
    Cast Iron Baseboard & Radiator

    I recently finished a remodel and have over 50 feet of cast iron baseboard and a CI radiator that was replaced, not needed, and leftover. Is there any value or market for them other then the 'scrap value'?
  • Bob W._3
    Bob W._3 Member Posts: 561

    Look at the Recessed Cast Iron v. Baseboard post; maybe he will buy your CI baseboard.
  • Jim Franklin_2
    Jim Franklin_2 Member Posts: 70
    Where are you?

    I could use a piece of CI baseboard for a bathroom.

  • Greg_31
    Greg_31 Member Posts: 3

    I am located in NY (Westchester) tri-state area.
  • Greg_31
    Greg_31 Member Posts: 3

    Here are what they look like.
  • Tom_62
    Tom_62 Member Posts: 8
    Cost of new CI baseboard

    As a point of reference, I just bought 16' of new CI baseboard for $50/foot. It's expensive.
  • John Madden
    John Madden Member Posts: 19
    CI Bbrd & Rads

    Man o man hang onto this stuff. Have it stored away because it's worth a fortune! I picked up a bunch of radiators from a rehab job 2 years ago. Sand blasted one unit last week and painted it. Converted from steam to hot water, and installed it in a retrofit job. Got $ 300.00 for it.
  • CJRS
    CJRS Member Posts: 12
    reusing cast iron baseboard

    One man's trash is NOT necessarily one man's treasure. Pending the condiiton of the CI baseboard. Word of caution to the potential purchaser or user. New CI baseboard is better and more efficient than in the past. Problems you can have when trying to re-work used parts are, corroded sleeves at joints, interior corrosion, thick painted surfaces, etc. which can individually or jointly lead to inefficiency. If you take into account the time and money spent replacing valves, sleeves, sandblasting or stripping... I have found it just slightly more (affordably) to purchase new. (even if a fine bloke is wanting to give his rads away for free) CI baseboard isnt cheap, but lasts a lifetime for a house vs fin tube. If you can find a supplier who will sell it to you at resonable profit over wholesale, its a good investment. Not uncommon to estimate approx. $50.00 lin ft.
    One tip from an ole' boiler installer in my family. If you are changing out old column type radiators to baseboard remember that the amount of water capacity is lower in baseboard vs an average 3 column rad of same EDR. If you want to perfect your system balancing skills.. keep in mind the amount of water needed to flow thru each rad and compare the approximate fill times. Best to maintain same radiator style types. Recently did a job last year fixing another man's mistake when they installed fin tube baseboard onto an existing cast iron column type rad system. I have found a good site for added historical information about older systems is oldhouseweb.com... Good luck salvage hunters.
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