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Celotec insulation

hr Member Posts: 6,106
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  • Dave L_4
    Dave L_4 Member Posts: 26
    Celotex insulation

    I have a customer who we were going to do a radiant garage
    slab and I instructed him to install a ridgid insulation Owens Corning blue or pink board. I stopped by the job & he installed 3/4" of aluminum coated celotex board. Any one have an opinion?


  • Ron Schroeder_3
    Ron Schroeder_3 Member Posts: 254
    3/4\" celotex

    A quick Google search for celotex yielded the Knight-Celotex web site. No where does the manufacturer reference their product for sub salb installation. Their approvals are as sheathing and roof insulation. Unless the aluminum is protected from the cncrete it will soon have no effect either. See: www.aknightcompany.com/productline/producthome.asp?id=bp.
  • Dave L_4
    Dave L_4 Member Posts: 26
    Celotex insulation

    I just talked to the homeowner & told him to get the correct stuff. Not worth the risk. thanks for the thoughts.
    And now I'm back to my vacation.

  • Mike T., Swampeast MO
    Mike T., Swampeast MO Member Posts: 6,928

    If this is the same Celotex, it's a by-product of sugar production.

    Good insulative value, but very low in compressive strength. The Celotex wallboard in my childhood bedroom could be easily compressed by the thumb of a child.
  • SVDW
    SVDW Member Posts: 80

    One of our contractors did this on a house recently. Called in a panic & said the tubing was leaking all over b/c there were air bubbles coming up through the 'crete. We found out that the foil backing or glue reacted w/the concrete & once the reaction was done it stopped bubbling. The concrete guy charged extra for finishing the slab b/c it was full of holes & took a lot more time. At least we did'nt have to tear the whole thing up & start over. Lesson learned.
  • George Peteya_2
    George Peteya_2 Member Posts: 72

    Back in the '80s at Bio-Energy, we had truckloads of Celotex for use in glazed solar collectors. Someone (a company VP) had the bright idea to use it on the outside of our office foundation when we added radiant to the building. It soon became waterlogged. Soon, the tulips were coming up next to the building - in February (Hudson Valley, NY). Later we discovered that ants liked to build their condos in there, as well. If you check with the manufacturer, you will probably find that it's not approved for ground contact.
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