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Tankless Coil Flow Problem

Al Letellier
Al Letellier Member Posts: 781
If budget constrains exist, get a pro to check out your system. It could be a partially plugged coil, if water conditions indicate, or it could be something as simple as a fouled flow restrictor or a bad mixing valve element. Of course, a new boiler and indirect tank is the ultimate solution and will more thatn pay for itself in increased comfort and efficiency, let alone more hot water, but the real world doesn't always allow for that kind investment. Hire a pro to check it out, find out what the problem is, then proceed with what you can afford to do.

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  • growler
    growler Member Posts: 1
    Tankless Coil Flow Problem

    The house we recently bought has a 1960's Burnham oil fired boiler that works well, but the tankless domestic hot water heating coil has a very low flow of water. Should I risk cleaning such an old coil, or just go with a separate -- maybe electric -- water heater? And if I did go for the electric water heater, would I have to change to a cold start aquastat?
  • Firedragon_4
    Firedragon_4 Member Posts: 1,436
    Just replace the coil

    and in a few years change the whole thing, or maybe just do it all now. Put in a new boiler with an indirect or fre-standing tankless and, done! JMO!
  • Leo
    Leo Member Posts: 770

    Two things you don't want to do, put an old system on "cold start" and use an electric water heater. Electric is expensive to run and slow to recover.

  • Scott Kneeland
    Scott Kneeland Member Posts: 158

    1st I agree don't put the old girl on cold start,2nd DON'T you dare use an electric hot water heater. If budget won't allow replacement of complete system with indirect at this time go for just the indirect, if you must you could try a coil but it may plug again. I have found that coil replacement is more of a bandaid not a solution.

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