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replacing automatic water fill for old boiler

Weezbo Member Posts: 6,232
actually ""Lookingat". the thing about many professional people they tend to think what if this were mine ...what would i want it to be doing...or what would i want it to look like or how would this behave in this instance....if so then what...what i mean is this,you may look right at something and really not see it...there is every likelihood there are other minor technicalities that will arise upon replacement and removal of the feed water valve...you might be doing yourself an injustice should anything unforseen occur...especially should it happen on a day many people refuse to leave thier home..


  • Dana_4
    Dana_4 Member Posts: 2
    Part2-replacing automatic water fill

    Hmmm. Well, I've researched the price of an automatic water fill and low-water cutoff. Turns out that the PRICE of these parts are around $200-$400 each. So, the estimate the contractor gave me doesn't include labor,which was misleading given the question I asked..."How much would it cost to replace this?" Also learned that these components have reset buttons that may be manual. It is possible that there is nothing wrong with these components at all, and they simply need some maintenance or cleaning. Something ELSE the contractor didn't tell me. He was more interested in trying to sell me a whole new system. Figures. Stuff like this gives honest contractors a bad name. In the future, folks, I'd appreciate being able to get some of this information HERE instead of being directed to yet another contractor...Just so ya know...I DO plan to do this myself, that is after I use my voltage tester to check out the transformer and switches on both of these parts. Heck, it may even be a $20 fix...
  • ed wallace
    ed wallace Member Posts: 1,613
    auto water fill

    how do you know the price did not include labvor did you ask the contractor? good luck repairing the auto water feed as far as i know they are not field repairable

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