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Trinity boiler

Greg Swob
Greg Swob Member Posts: 167
Depending which Trinity model, the Taco 0010 may work for the P/S circulators. The manuals are available on NY Thermal website for review. As for Ebay, we know all sorts of products are available there- certainly not limited to Trinity units. I assure you NYT is not the one marketing them there. It irks me to see many products, especially HVAC major product components sold there for safety and other reasons- but that is a whole 'nother discussion.

I like the Trinity's. My supplier and manufacturer rep provide nothing but superb service. I can't say enough good about my wonderful experiences with these people. My customers are very happy with their Trinity units and the performance provided by them, and most importantly, the service we provide. The biggest source of new Trinity customers - are the existing owners. I can't say how much better Viessman is as I have no experience with them. Probably no doubt whatsoever Viessman is a better built machine according to the various comments here at the Wall. When I look out at my driveway and up and down the street, I do not see any Mercedes, certainly no Rolls'. But, there are a lot of nice Chryslers, Buicks, Fords, Chevys... That's the neighborhoods most of us live, work and sell in.

Whatever you install, follow the installation manual to the letter- take no shortcuts. Remember all the trouble Little Red Riding Hood had when she took a shortcut? Greg


  • Saggs
    Saggs Member Posts: 174
    Trinity boiler

    I have a customer looking for an economical wall hung lp boiler. She said a friend of her's had a Trinity unit installed and was very happy with it. These units have DHW and heating capabilities. I was told a taco 010 circ was needed on the boiler loop to work properly. Is anyone familiar with this model? Thanks
  • vhlaundry
    vhlaundry Member Posts: 41

    I have seen and heard of them. They sell on ebay for about $2200. I am a homeowner not tradesman so here is my two cents. I met with the local Viessmann representative and they have actually done some testing and evaluation of these units vs. the Vitoden. In terms of construction.......hands down to Viessmann. If you could get a local Viessmann rep in your area to show you differences it would be well worth it. The SS heating elements are thinner, narrower and have an irregular design. Design construction was slopping on the unit that Viessmann had taken apart. Sloppy Soldering etc...However, quality comes at a price. About twice as much upfront for the Veissmann. But if it were my place........and I am in a similar siutation, I would pay it upfront given this is a 20 year investment.

    My 2 cents.
  • Constantin
    Constantin Member Posts: 3,796
    I am a a mere homeowner myself...

    ... and I have not seen a trinity apart. Having said that, I would always treat that which is presented to you by an interested party with the proper grain of salt.

    Unquestionably, the HX found inside the Vitodens is built like a tank and is likely to survive much longer than the storied, thinwalled HX's from France found in Munchkins, Trinities, etc. Yet, in a non-abusive environment, is the extra metal really required? Such features may fall into the "nice-to-have" vs. the "must have" category. On the other hand, there are far more features that set these units apart than just the HX... the control system is a big built-in plus for the Vitodens, IMO.

    Nonetheless, the real question of what brand to chose revolves around what your installer and maintenance crew are familiar with. Local support of a brand is a big plus also, but many brands have, and will continue to, disappear/discontinue, etc. I have received top-notch support from Viessmann and live close to their NA headquarters. Thus, I am quite partial to them.

    Perhaps some of the contractor bias against the Trinity has more to do with the widespread availability of Trinities via e-bay and other internet stores (which invites price-shopping and hackery) than the merits of the unit itself. Many professionals seem to discriminate against brands that do little to control their distribution chain...

    I really like the very low fuel and electrical consumption of the Vitodens, which, AFAIK, are second to none. I also really like the modulation capabilities of the Trinity 400 (16:1!!!), which, AFAIK, are also second to none. Thus, my ideal condensing modulating boiler would incorporate features (not necessarily components) from both product lines.

    For example, a Trinity 400 can easily run most homes heating needs while operating in the low modulation range, and really crank when it comes to heating hot water. With such a wide modulating range, you could attach a very small phase III, ergomax, whatever, and basically use the Trinity as a "instantnaeous" indirect water heater heat source, offering very low standby and operating costs.

    A Vitodens that could modulate from 5K-150K would be pretty ideal for most homes...
  • Saggs
    Saggs Member Posts: 174

    Thankyou for the input. She has an old heatmaker there now and I'd like to try one of these smaller units, I'll check the website also.
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