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tube contact in radiant subfloor

I think it depends on the job, Kal. There are many ways to install radiant tubing and it depends on the BTU"s needed to do the job. I'm a WIRSBO guy and use their products exclusively, and find we have no noise or heating problems if we install it correctly. If you are asking what is the best method for underfloor or staple-up applications, I like the new extruded plates. They give you the most efficient heat transfer and you can usually use 3/8" tubing which makes the installation a snap. No insulation gap needed and the 3/8 tube is easy to pull and twist into tight spaces. Try it if you haven't. Wirsbo has their act together.


  • Kal Row
    Kal Row Member Posts: 1,520
    tubing contact in radiant subfloors...?

    looking for experianced answers of best...tube contact in radiant subfloors, tube type and subfloor type?

    also quietness is a real issue with my customers
  • hr
    hr Member Posts: 6,106
    If I were to build

    a new home, hands down Warmboard would be my first choice. It just plain works, and works well. Even at 12" oc spacing the continuous aluminum sheet moves heat quickly and efficiently. My oldest job with WB dates back 4 years. No noise no problem. PAP has been my tube of choice to limit expansion movement.

    Next favorite would be heavy extruded plates, these of course work great for radiant walls in the shower. I'd build with ICF's and come up with a way to suck the plates into the blocks and fasten to the plastic strips. I'd use these plates for ceiling radiant in any carpeted bedrooms. even though I hate carpet.

    I'm torn on heat sourse. I like certain things about the Weil Ultra and the Munchkin. Anxious to see the Buderus condensor. I feel both materials will need careful water treatment and check up. Corrosion inside and out will be the biggest hurdle.

    I feel the cast aluminum has more "sacrificial" mass to give up than a thin ss HX. I know all about copper fin tube life expectancy. And of course aluminim kicks stainless for thermal conductivity. Although a cast copper or gold HX maybe better yet.

    Time will tell, it always does.

    hot rod

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  • Kal Row
    Kal Row Member Posts: 1,520
    good response - as for copper...

    may not be faster than aluminum if cast as thick as the HX on the ultra is, - and the copper ones currently out there, havn't been living too long, the ultra's hx, has been living over 15yrs in european installs where it comes from

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