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oil burner doesnt start

berd_2 Member Posts: 7
I have an oil fired hot water heater that does not light. I replaced the filter nozzle transformer and electrods. If I open the transformer a drop somtimes I could get it to start. I thought it was an air prblem but I opened the air adjustment all the way to see if it made a diff. and still no differance. PLEASE HEEEEELP!!!!!


  • Jaitch
    Jaitch Member Posts: 68
    Cad cell wires pinched?

    Sounds like your cad cell wires may be pinched somewhere and shorted out. If the cell resistance is low, the cell "thinks" it sees light and will not allow the burner to start.

    When you open the transformer a crack and it starts, I think you are moving the cad cell wire a little bit and the short disappears for an instant, allowing the burner to start.

    Check the wires for continunity, and replace, if warranted.

    As a cavet, when you close the tranformer and the burner continues to run, you are shorting the wires again, but the cad cell "thinks" there is still a fire. Could pose a potential DANGER if you experience a flame-out and the burner continues to merrrily run along spraying unburnt oil into the combustion chamber.

    If unsure, consult you oil heating pro!
  • Michal
    Michal Member Posts: 213
    chec spacing

    reset the air band to as little air as possible and try to turn it on? see what happens, if still no good, check the gap on the electrodes, also make sure your using the right size nozzle (angle) there is a chance it can be shorting between the nozzle and electrodes or another object in the blast tube, especially on such low gpm nozzles, where you have to have the electrodes close to the nozzle I have seen that happen.
  • Firedragon_4
    Firedragon_4 Member Posts: 1,436
    I thinks you

    need a serviceman?
  • Scott Kneeland
    Scott Kneeland Member Posts: 158

    problem sounds like TOO MUCH air to lite close the air down and try it. however the proper adjustment must be made with a combustion kit

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  • Al Gregory
    Al Gregory Member Posts: 260

    You should call a service man because if that air gate isnt set up right you will have a house full of soot.
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