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steam pipe insulation

Tom K
Tom K Member Posts: 26
Does anyone know how much insulation I should be put on a one pipe steam pipe that goes thru an uninsulated crawl space 20 ft with proper pitch and the last 4 feet of the horizontal run is in an enclosed area but no heat or insulation in it too. It may as well be outside. On a 30 degree day the pipe in the enclosed area is also 30 degrees The pipe then goes to a radiator on the second floor. I just dont think 1 inch fiberglass is enough. Thanks for your help. Tom K


  • Matt_21
    Matt_21 Member Posts: 140

    you use 1.5" fiberglass but you may want to bump it up to 2" since you are in an unheated area.
  • Jack Ennis Martin
    Jack Ennis Martin Member Posts: 35

    The amount of insulation you have to apply is so small why make sure of your system performance. Visit your local industrial supply house and ask for high density fibreglass insulation. Get it two inches thick and ask for it to have an all applications jacket. This is usually a paper product and has a self sealing flap. The covering will make your insulation much more viable over the long haul and it is amazing how much the insulation value is increased for very little money. If this is all a straight run without elbows it will take you at the outside an hour start to finish.
    Good Luck.
    Jack Ennis Martin
    Oh if you get covered in fibreglass --wash the area with a mild vinager and water solution it removes the electrical charge that allows the glass to stick to your skin.
  • michael_15
    michael_15 Member Posts: 231

    I've heard that rubbing baby powder on your skin before working with the fiberglass helps prevent the itch as well. Never tried it. . . anybody know if there's truth to that rumor?

  • Tom K
    Tom K Member Posts: 26

    Thanks for your input.
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