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boiler replacment

wolf-36 Member Posts: 2
Hello,I did pull off the top and side covers. There is a a pinhole leak in the casting. Water is coming out and most is vaporizing and the rest is ending up on the floor. Im seeing that most of you think the unit I have is correct size, so the question now is whats a good brand, and what brand to avoid. I'm pretty handy so i will attempt this replacment on my own and then get a pro in to just give it a check out before firing it up. Any tips? Thanks, Wolf


  • kevin coppinger_4
    kevin coppinger_4 Member Posts: 2,124
    Well you didn't....

    give us much to go on....Oil or Gas? Steam or Hot Water? You should give a contractor a shot at it, At least get a quote...handy or not it can be a huge undertaking and sometime doing it yourself can end up costing you more in the long run...kpc

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  • lchmb
    lchmb Member Posts: 2,997
    Kevin...earlier post

    Author: wolf-36
    Subject: Boiler Replacment

    Hello, I have a small water puddle under my boiler. I'ts a Weil-McLain CGM-5, 140,000 input. This is not from any of the external connections, it is from the inside of the boiler. I have 5 active zones working on this unit in a 3 floor house. I'm thinking of replacing this unit with a slightly larger unit as it did tend to run often in very cold nights. Any input as to how long a boiler lasts, and what brands you would use and also avoid? What type of maintenace do boilers need, as I'm seeing scale removers and other additives to put into the lines. Where do you inject these additives? Also all zone valves are working, but should I replace these also at this time? And last whats the best way to get all the water out the lines before I solder? Thanks, Wolf

    Wolf, I would get someone in to check the system over, like Kevin said, it is not an easy task. One other thought I have is have a pro check the piping to make sure it's not the cause of the boiler going bad.....Find out the cause and fix that before you put a bandaid on it and have to do this over again in 5 years...JMHO...:)
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