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Lennox Burner

Al K._2
Al K._2 Member Posts: 27
I'm looking for electrode settings and other setup info for a Lennox OHP-31-10-2 oil burner. Parts sources and availability such as transformers and pump drive belts would be appreciated also. I'm recommending furnace replacement in the spring... but it's still winter in New England.
Al K.


  • Geno_15
    Geno_15 Member Posts: 158
    Good luck

    If memory serves you are talking about that great burner Lennox had with belt drive on the pump. Loved that one! My suggestion is to give them a used Beckett for now and then replace or a Carlin EZ1, whichever you have laying around. Tell them the burner was a bad design when new, no parts available and here's a freebee cuz I appreciate your business. Lennos had a round chamber so don't use an older Carlin 99-100 unless you have to, Those burners had long narrow flame patterns that don't get along with round chambers.

    You should always have used burners from changeouts hanging around for emergencies. In the summer when slow set some up for 1 pipe and for 2 pipe oil lines and clean them up so all you do is put in the right size nozzle.

    That's my 2 1/2 cents.
  • Geno_15
    Geno_15 Member Posts: 158
    follow up

    my memory is getting clearer- the big problem with these is that the belt slips, even when new, so your pump pressure is always varying-- can't get a good fire out of that!!!!
  • Weezbo
    Weezbo Member Posts: 6,232
    maybe you should get a new boiler.

    or call Singer sewing machines and see if they have the belt for it...
  • Ranger
    Ranger Member Posts: 210

    ...Like Gino & Weezbo said,send in the sales team.I had customers that I used to service with those burners,horizontal in the attic.:-( I don't miss those gig's at all....
    Ya might try a Lennox dealer in your area that's been around awhile (like 35 years or more).Might have one lie'n
  • Al Gregory
    Al Gregory Member Posts: 260

    South Shore Oil Heat Supply is where I got the last one I needed 508-588-3600
  • Al K._2
    Al K._2 Member Posts: 27
    Yes, belt driven pump

    I managed to get the old girl fired up once again. Got a transformer from a local Lennox dealer as one post mentioned, seems it'd been on their shelf since '94. This burner has lots of noise from the belt idler I think. As I was leaving, I advised the lady to start getting bids for replacement (even from other contractors, but replace the furnace) because more things would be breaking and parts are getting harder to get. The lady says "You found the part this time, why can't you find them next time too?"

    Al K.
  • Al K._2
    Al K._2 Member Posts: 27
    Yes, belt driven pump

    (sorry, double-posted)
  • Rudy
    Rudy Member Posts: 482

    the idler will be the final nail in that coffin. Been there, done that! For your sake, if not hers, put a temporary Beckett on it with a specified time limit so she won't think it's "fixed" for the next 30 years.

    May the force be w/ you!
  • Al K._2
    Al K._2 Member Posts: 27
    Retrofit Burner

    Since this is the second time it's been mentioned...
    I think I've got a used AF in storage. Looks like it would need a rather long airtube and a pedestal mount to make it work? I didn't notice a flange, looked like the burner was rubber mounted on a couple brackets.

    The lady's not "that" good of a customer, although she is faithful to my company. She only calls for breakdowns. The last time the furnace received a full service was in '98.

    Al K.
  • Geno_15
    Geno_15 Member Posts: 158
    I have only one thing left to say

    about these Lennox burners that are completely unique and have very few interchangeable parts with the rest of the burner world...............................................
    WHAT WERE THEY THINKING???????????????????????????????????
  • GaryDidier
    GaryDidier Member Posts: 229
    Lenox Burner

    If the last time it had a service done was in ,98,I would politely ask the customer to find another company to take care of her equipment.
    Gary from Granville
  • Glenn Harrison_2
    Glenn Harrison_2 Member Posts: 845
    It's the Lennox philosophy

    Design it in a strange and unique :( way, with parts that will have to be ordered only from Lennox, don't give any thought to how well it won't work, then insanely overprice it to boot!
  • Ken_8
    Ken_8 Member Posts: 1,640
    Which is

    exactly why I continue to bad-mouth the line. They are obsessed with prorpietary designs and replacement parts monopolies - based purely on self-interests. Sounds like fre enterprise? Not really. It has back-fired big time and their market share has plummetted. Our local monoploy was bought up by the Keyspan behemouth and they are chokingh violently on the after-taste and numbers that were never there.

    Well engineered products with replacement parts that are easy to get rise to the surface and tend to dominate market share, not carefully planned proprietary designs based on the notion "Only WE can supply parts" logic.

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