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WeilMcLain Ultra

Dice Member Posts: 9
I have installed around 12 ultra's in the last year. I just recently installed another and am experiencing a minor problem. The supply side to the radiant heat is getting up to 160 degrees. I have no idea how to stop it. If anyone has feedback or questions, all factory presets exist. Job does have a water maker. Is there a simple setting overlooked? Factory claims preset should limit space htg. @ 140 degrees. I have no succeptable floor coverings, but i don't want temp over 140. I have not changed any other boilers factory presets and w/ our moderate climate I have not seen one go over 135 degrees.


  • Floyd_7
    Floyd_7 Member Posts: 136
    Have you actually

    checked the parameters to make sure what it is calling for at the outdoor temp. that you have? Do you have a faulty outdoor sensor? What temp. is it showing for the outdoor temp.? Is it correct? Have you chacked the reset curve temp. settings? Don't assume that the factory set points are correct. If you are installing that many of the boiler then you should be looking to purchase the Gascom interface for the boiler so that you can actually bring the operation of the boiler up and see what is happening and what the settings are easily.
    Also you may have a faulty check valve that allows the hot water to migrate into the heat side when you are making hot water.
    Just some things off of the top of my head....
    do some more checking, if that thing is getting that hot it is because you have missed something somewhere.

    Let us know what you find...


    PS. Punch the mode button twice... to got into the info mode... then hit the step button 6 times to see what it says it is trying to hit. My guess is that it will say 6.160....

    Another thing you can do is go into the parameter mode...punch mode button one time....then go to 4... step button 4 times.... what does it say???? hit the + or - buttons to make that 140 then hit store. Now you have set the boiler to limit it's self to 140. If it still overshoots you got yourself a piping problem.
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