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Chuck_13 Member Posts: 3
Does anyone have any experience using heat extracted from well water via a heat pump combined with forced air system? Is it cost effective and what problems should one expect?


  • Carl PE
    Carl PE Member Posts: 203
    Make Sure..

    That your well can provide enough water. Most can do a few gpm for a few minutes a few times a day, not a continuous flow.

    One of my technician friends figured that out the hard way.

    other than that, yeah, it works great..
  • Chuck_13
    Chuck_13 Member Posts: 3
    well water heating

    Well flows at >85 gallons/minute at 50 degrees F.
  • David_5
    David_5 Member Posts: 250
    I saw

    a house that had two Florida heatpumps on a well. The HO was happy with the system. I don't know for sure where the waste water went but I think it was down another well. One time I went the problem was with the well pump. I got paid to give the news that he needed his well company to come out. Seems like first cost is too high to justify versus good insulation and quality oil or gas install.

  • Rudy
    Rudy Member Posts: 482
    open loop

    There are many concerns installing open loop ground water systems.what is the water quality???most manufactors recommend using a closed loop in areas where heavy scaling or iron is present.will well yield enough flow??average is about 2gpm/ton for open systems.discharge can be disposed of many ways depending on local codes.units usually have low operating costs&hot water benefits[desuperheater line].On the other hand high install costs.extra maintnance[changing or cleaning stainers to coeax coil plus the extra wear on well pump.I would weigh all options & do more research before deciding.
  • Rudy
    Rudy Member Posts: 482
    hey chuck

    if you are still interested ??? go to www.waterfurnace.com for more info.
  • JohnP3
    JohnP3 Member Posts: 3
    Open loop

    I have been putting in geothermal heat pumps for over 10 years now. The majority of the systems I have installed are open loop and have been working beautifully. The water quality is always a thing to be concerned about, but so far here in Southeastern Wisconsin we have not had a problem.

    Good luck
  • Chuck Baldwin
    Chuck Baldwin Member Posts: 5

    Thanks to everyone for their sound advice. I'm trying to find an alternative to propane forced air which will likely become more and more expensive. With a lot of wood to burn on the property, I was considering adding a TARM woodburning boiler for supplemental heat - pushing heat exchanged air into the forced air system as well. However, that's another cost that would have to be weighed against the propane. Well water quality hasn't been determined yet, though my neighbor doesn't seem to have a scaling problem. That's something we'll have to test for.

  • I have no experence with an open loop. Have worked on a few closed loop systems in commercial buildings. I agree with one of the posts above and have liked the "Waterfurnace units" The "Floria heat pumps" did not work as well. These systems are expensive to install but work well if sized properly.
  • Mark Eatherton1
    Mark Eatherton1 Member Posts: 2,542
    Why in the heck...

    are you considering forced error? Din't I learn you good 'nuff?

  • Chuck_13
    Chuck_13 Member Posts: 3

    Yeah, Mark - you learnt me well enuf! My problem is not enough money to do it right. This house is looking like it will cost more than we anticipated so have to make some big cuts. I've still not given up hope, however, and would still like to do radiant heating. What's really frustrating is that we've put out bid requests to several contractors and all have said they're too busy to bid - and all have put in less than an hour looking at the plans and quoted us a huge price well beyond what the house is worth. Obviously they will only take on the work if we throw lots of money at them. Must be nice to have all that work! We may have to wait until the 'building boom' is over in that area.
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