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How much asbestos is in my boiler?

MsterSpy_2 Member Posts: 4
I have an old coal converted Burnham boiler. As far as I know, coal was never used in my house. The house was built right after WWII and I am told that it was difficult to get "modern" boilers at that time. The outside is coated with a white plaster-like substance (I assume it is asbestos) and it is in tact, no broken pieces or cracks. My question is this, Does the inside of the boiler have any asbestos components? I read once that these boilers were assembled in sections and there was an asbestos gasket between sections. I'd like to know this aheasd of thime in case I decide to get rid of the boiler. The abatement people would need to deal with asbestos insied the boiler as well as the stuff on the surface.

Also, I have to say that this boiler, although inefficient by todays standards is a great boiler. It has big heavy cst iron doors that heat up and keep the basement warm. I did get an efficiency test once that said it was 87% but that figure is combustion effieciency.



  • Steamhead
    Steamhead Member Posts: 16,726
    Asbestos-abatement firms

    can deal with both forms of asbestos. It shouldn't be that big a deal.

    If that's an old round boiler, its efficiency as far as transfering heat to water isn't good, despite the combustion efficiency readings. I'd replace it soon, and watch your fuel consumption drop.

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  • MsterSpy_2
    MsterSpy_2 Member Posts: 4

    Actually it is a rectangular boiler made by Burnham. Your right about transfering heat to the water. I was told that although combustion efficiencey is good, the fact that your heating up a lot of water kills the heat transfer efficiency.

  • Al Gregory
    Al Gregory Member Posts: 260

    Chances are the fire box is full of asbestos also. Makes sure the asbestos people deal with that as well. I use a company around here that not only takes away the asbestos but they also remove the whole boiler for little more money :) Its awesome to walk in to a swept floor and no old boiler to lug out
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