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Steamhead Member Posts: 14,832
those center-to-center measurements don't have to be spot-on, since the extra swing joints in the header will let you compensate.

I don't know about the V7 series, but in several boiler instruction sheets where the second tapping wasn't listed as mandatory, it was shown as "optional". Which to me in this case, means it's a real good idea to use the second tapping.

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  • ThermalJake
    ThermalJake Member Posts: 120
    Glen Stanton, et al

    I have a V75, 596 MBH steamer. It is now piped with one tapping. It has two tappings. (5 sections) The book shows piping for one tapping for V73-V75, and two tappings for V76-V79. Also the 76-79 has three inch headers and mains, while the 73-75 has two inch. My two inch mains can handle the load of 503 EDR. I am planning on repiping with both tappings, (dropped header) and hopefully using 4 inch header. I know that it will work, but I wonder why the literature shows only one tapping for the V75? There is also a chart showing dimensions that includes the distance (on center) between the tappings. It starts at the V76.

    It goes from 21", 25", 29". So can I assume the next smaller is 17"? It looks like it measures closer to 17.5", but I'd hafta get the jacket off to be sure. Does anyone know?

  • V75 Piping

    While the I&O manual states that a single riser on the V75 is optional, experience with steam tells us that two risers is a better way. Testing with one tapping has proven that the volume of steam can be adequately supplied to the system through a single riser. I always try to tell folks to use them both. It provides for a much more stable water line as well as slowing the velocity of the steam leaving the boiler down a bit. Hope this helps.

    Glenn Stanton

    Manager of Training

    Burnham Hydronics
  • Al Gregory
    Al Gregory Member Posts: 260

    How old is it? Might be better off waiting to see if its going to last. Might be better off getting a V8
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