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Dunkirk replacement under the stairs

This Dunkirk replaced the original Timkin from 1949 . The 2nd pic is the access we had to dismantle the boiler . To make matters worse , the homeowner built a closet where we cut the wall to remove the old boiler . The doorway was 23 inches , the handtruck is 24 inches . Tile floor in the closet and brand new Pergo floors in the hallway .


  • Peerless WBV3

    with a Riello F3 . Not every pipe was square . I just wanted to make sure everything was accesible for servicing . Once the fluepipe is pulled , getting to the parts is a snap . Sal cut the wall in there . They added fireproof brick in these walls for the Timkin boilers . Cutting this wall is a pain in the a..
  • kevin coppinger_4
    kevin coppinger_4 Member Posts: 2,124
    life is'nt hard....

    enough somedays and then you have to be a contortionist too...well done.....does your company pay for your chiropractor? I hope you got some old boiler water on the paint in the hallway... might be an improvement...no account for taste. I would leave the hole with an air grate to let in as much combution air as possible, and some extra heating via standby loss. I did that one time on a job to heat an entryway...Why the peerless as opposed to the V8? kpc

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  • lchmb
    lchmb Member Posts: 2,997
    oh my

    Hey Ron do you use a big crowbar to stuff these boiler's in? I saw that and all I could picture was your crew stacked on top of each other trying to get it piped and wired..:( Not a nice mental image first thing in the morning...LOL Love the work you do, kinda envious(sp) since all's I have been lucky enough to do lately is warm air furnaces..:(
  • Boiler Guy
    Boiler Guy Member Posts: 585
    Can you say

    "NIGHTMARE in the black hole"! Excellent workmanship on that change out. I hope the owner was appreciative of your super human efforts.
  • Mark Eatherton1
    Mark Eatherton1 Member Posts: 2,542
    WHy is it...

    Everytime I see a post with "Under the stairs" on it, I know Ron Jr killed another fire breathing dragon under conditions that NO human bean should be exposed to...

    You never cease to amaze me Ron. Excellent work under the toughest of conditions. If you ever decide to wander West, give me a call. I'm sure I can find you a home.

  • I think they were in the process

    of renovating , and that wall had to be next on the list . Everything else looked new . They are cutting the opening out more to put in louvered doors . The water main is still in there and they have more storage room now . We always use the WBV in tight spots , it's one of the thinnest cast iron blocks around with a coil . Thanks Kevin .
  • What an offer

    I'd jump at the opportunity to work for you Mark , but I don't think I could get anything done with all the scenic views around there - living at sea level for 30+ years will do that . Hard to pipe a boiler with my mouth wide open in awe . Any chance I could be brought into the basements with a blindfold ?

    Thank you Mark for the kind words .

  • I know what you mean Lchmb

    I think I'd rather install oil tanks than warm air . And I HATE doing tanks . Since the handtruck wouldn't fit through the doorway in the closet , we had to double up the drop cloths and cat walk the old one out and the new one in . Suprisingly we didn't scratch the Pergo or the ceramic tiles in the closet .

    Piled on top of each other is almost the right term . We actually had 4 guys on this one , 2 newbies . The new guys are both about 6 foot 4 and tipping 250 . We were doing the boilerman waltz for a while . Thanks alot Lchmb .
  • There's alot of these homes

    with the original Tall York or Dunkirk still in place . But hardly ever is there a closet built where we cut the wall . That's usually a hallway back there . Thank you Boiler Guy .
  • Mark Eatherton1
    Mark Eatherton1 Member Posts: 2,542
    Easy solution...

    You will be placed on the graveyard shift so you can't see the awesome views:-)

    Any time my friend, any time.

  • Boiler Guy
    Boiler Guy Member Posts: 585
    What music

    was that waltz danced to? lol
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