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Fittings with Solder Inside

Kal Row
Kal Row Member Posts: 1,520
they are sloppy inside and fittings hang up on the solder ridges, which is unforgivable, concidering that they embosed a special well for the solder

plus you still have to clean and flux

id rather see vacum packed fittings, you dont have to clean

or better yet, double o-ring based fittings, with captive, but releasable collars - propress is too costly up front and is a one way street - dont worry, they are comming out with it, the biggest problem will be the local codes, which are always eons behind technology


  • John R Leny
    John R Leny Member Posts: 14
    Copper Fittings with Solder In them

    Anyone ever use the copper fittings with the solder already inside them? Are these any good? They look neat anc clean but is plain flux and solder a better way to go?
  • Jack Ennis Martin
    Jack Ennis Martin Member Posts: 35
    solder in fittings already

    I worked with a plumber from the UK and he was astonished that we still cleaned and fluxed our fittings and had to use solder wire. He informed me in the UK all solder fittings came with a ring of solder already in the fittings. I have never seen one:but, he swore by the things and thought we were really behind the times using solder wire. Anyone in the UK reading this how about some input?
    Jack Ennis Martin
  • Same here

    I also had a guy from the UK work for me years ago. Yorkshire fittings I think he called them.

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  • Kal Row
    Kal Row Member Posts: 1,520
    watts sells them under the \"ezSweat\" lable...

    and the HOME-DEsPOT carries them
  • chris_49
    chris_49 Member Posts: 1
    one place they may be appropriate

    is when access is restricted to one hand. Unless there
    is some other method (besides flex pipe of some sort) that
    my contractor did not know about when he repiped a portion
    of my house.

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