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can I replace existing 1 pipe radiators for steam with baseboard

I need to regain wall space in my living room and right in the middle of the outside wall is a 1 pipe steam radiator. Can this be replaced by a baseboard steam radiator? At least then i could get a couch against the wall


  • John Lasky
    John Lasky Member Posts: 35
    steam baseboard

    Hi Tony,

    baseboards can be used with steam but they must be used as a two pipe system. my first floor is all steam base board.

    steam baseboards must be a two pipe set up. Mine are set up the way burnham and Dan H advise.

    they are vented and piped to a wet return.

    I think its a case of the 3/4 pipe that feeds them plus the rate they condense there is not enough space to have feed and return in the same pipe.

    Also if it were possible to use one pipe on a baseboard you would have to have a huge amount of pitch due to the length of the baseboards they would be unsightly for sure.

    There are some radiators/convectors (burnham?) that can be recessed into the wall that will save space. Im sure one of the gents on this site that are in the trade can fill you in better than I can.

    Im actually an electrician that hangs here for the info as I had plenty of problems with my heat system at home . thanks to this site most problems are solved.


  • Michal
    Michal Member Posts: 213
    yes you can do single pipe fin tube

    yes you can use baseboard for radiation. I have installed many on single pipe steam systems, and people are happy. just a few things to watch out for. 1st I have used slant fin multi pack 80 with 1-1/4 steel pipe, also you need to get a end cap with a tapped hole for a air vent, which will fit within the housing and covers. Also it comes with a wedge so that the cover is installed level, but the element is pitched back to the supply. these are all standard items at your local heating supply shop, the width is i think 1-1/2" wider then normal fin tube and 2 inches taller I think, and also space it off the floor especially if you have carpet.
    EBEBRATT-Ed Member Posts: 15,323

    You can pipe it as described in the last post or refer to Dan's book "How Come" where he describes how it can be hooked up one pipe.
  • Steamhead
    Steamhead Member Posts: 16,726
    I'd use cast-iron baseboard

    it costs more than fin-tube, but holds its heat the same as a cast-iron radiator will. Fin-tube cools much faster than cast-iron which can cause the room to feel cold quickly when the system shuts down.

    As far as I know, the only CIBB rated for steam these days is Burnham's Baseray. Baseray has only 3/4" tappings so it must be installed two-pipe rather than one-pipe. Make sure you size the Baseray to match the old radiator or at least come close.

    You might also look for a good used skinny radiator. A 3-small-tube radiator is only about 3-inches deep, as is a wall radiator. Both can be installed one-pipe.

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