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Flood damage

ed wallace
ed wallace Member Posts: 1,613
it is unrepairable all electric components that were underwater need replacing


  • Phil_6
    Phil_6 Member Posts: 210
    Boiler under water

    Looked at a job yesterday where the basement was flooded by 3 ft of water. The boiler and water heater were submerged. The boiler is at least 25 years old. Am I correct in recommending both units be replaced? The boiler is rather small and it doesnt seem worth trying t replace all the submerged componants but I was wondering what you all think.

    Thanks, Phil
  • Constantin
    Constantin Member Posts: 3,796

    Prudence dictates both components be replaced rather than repaired. The cost of a proper repair will usually exceed the price for a new system by a long shot.

    Besides, this could be a great opportunity for the homeowners to consider a indirect water heater if their main system is hot-water based also. Just food for thought.
  • Jaitch
    Jaitch Member Posts: 68
    Don't Forget

    If you quote on new equipment, now the time is right to move those circs to supply side, add a good air seperator, and all those other things we talk about here. - Don't re-install the mistakes!
  • BillW@honeywell
    BillW@honeywell Member Posts: 1,099
    Don't attempt to relight anything....

    that has been exposed to water. Gas valves, ignition modules, oil burner controls, aquastats and other boiler, furnace or water heater controls MUST be replaced. Attempts to relight may result in fire, explosion, property damage and serious personal injury or death. Do not risk any more damage!!
  • Phil_6
    Phil_6 Member Posts: 210
    don't you all worry... ;-)

    The insurance company is okay with ripping out the boiler and water heater and going all new. I guess they got their moneys worth out of her in premiums. She has been living in this house since.... 1921 believe it or not. First frozen pipes in 84 years, not bad

  • Todd_9
    Todd_9 Member Posts: 88
    similar situation

    My customer experienced a fire in the upstairs of the home he's in a catch 22 situation and I'm looking for advice. Customer is going to replace boiler and add an indirect however there is mold starting to grow in the basement due to all the water. The boiler was not submerged but may have been sprayed. His remediation company for the mold wants to get heat on to clean up and prevent more mold but I told him we cannot work in a moldy environment. He asked if we could get the old one running so the cleanup could be done and then we can replace the units. I would almost like to walk away from this but we were referred by a friend. What should I tell this guy? use salamanders or space heaters?
  • oil-2-4-6-gas
    oil-2-4-6-gas Member Posts: 641

    well he can either get some other heat-salamanders,electric etc --or have the possibility of having the house blowing up ----etc..submerged controls cannot be used-ask your insurance carrier if your covered--i think you will find your answer}}
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