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Pipe Insulation

Steve_79Steve_79 Posts: 1Member
Bought a 3,000 sq. ft. house in northern Wisconsin last month with an older Burnham 807N hot water gas-fired boiler (275K BTU per hour Net IBR, 396K BTU Input, 317K BTU Output AGA ratings).

First month's utility bill was a shocking $680. There is about 280 feet of pipe in the basement with no insulation ranging in size from 1" to 5", with perhaps 6 or 7 different sizes in between.

Given that I didn't have much money left after paying the bill (and insulating the attic, which was contributing to the large utility bill), I had the idea of wrapping the pipe in layers of Sill Seam fiberglass insulation (it's about $10 for a roll 50 feet X 5.25" X 1/4") Is this advisable? I know there are commercial products made for this application, but I need something inexpensive.

I want to cover the fiberglass with tape (hopefully without compressing it too much). What tape would best take the heat? I have heard Z-lock (don't know this product), aluminum, and even ordinary duct tape suggested. Thanks.


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