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CO Alarm Suggestions???

david_21david_21 Member Posts: 9
There is a lot of talk on the board about getting a "Real" CO alarm. Does anyone have a recommendation of some quality models they would put in their own homes?




  • RudyRudy Member Posts: 482

    There are only two I would allow (and do have) in my own home - NCI and CO-Experts.
  • Geno_15Geno_15 Member Posts: 158
    I think what you want is

    a CO meter/alarm that reads the level out on an lcd. The standard CO monitors that look like a smoke detector are basically just cumulative, as time passes they accumulate enough CO to go off and cause false alarms, if you smoke or burn candles, wood stove, garage attached to house, live in the city it is eventually going to go off. I think the life span on most is 5-7 years so I'd replace @4.

    There are table top models and others that give read outs of PPM, just remember, you get what you pay for. With CO this is cheap insurance.
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