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munchkin 199 up and running thanks to chuck

Once again "The Wall" justifys itself thanks to people like chuck of HTP who continually see what is going on and his succesful network of people looking out for his intrest
I was a forlorn wednesday when I was paying the price of too much picthing darts and BS. The boss had stated that we are going ahead with the boiler change out of a major bank negotiator (lawer by any other name). When we arrived at the job site we where greated by a general contractor who's fist question was what time today wil you be done?.
Ok if this was a simple new boiler install I would not be scared, but in this case a complete mechnical room redo. in a space under a set of steps. It was now my challange to inform and inspire the contractor to the aspect that if he wanted it done right I am looking at least two days to complete the job and improve the appearance of the system.(yes pictures will someday be forth coming if the lawyer ever signs the release).
The first day is spent labeling and isolating out the system, running combustion air and flue. Gas and 18/5 conductor for outdoor sensor and futures. This was a job that my installers where lined out on with a appropriate deadline to have complete, thus I am able to do a couple of service calls. A good day in anybodys book.
The second day when they where to start installing the boiler and piping. it was discovered that the contractor felt they needed to redo the mechanical space walls only took two people eight hours to do before my guys could even get in there. the he decide to demonstrate his cajonas by announcing that the owners where coming in tonight to see the work not a good thursday but the guys decided to give it a try and by midnight we where able to produce hot water for the customer but no heat. fortunatly the customer to my surprise they where ok with it, we where tired and decided to pick-up in the morning.
Now a techs challange........ friday!, (to which I did have fishing plans) and this was one of my guidliness to avoid boiler change outs and job wrap-up on fridays and never start a new job on a monday, (Mr. Murphy will put me in my place, and this job was no exception). we finished piping filling, and purging. I started right up recovering hot water, but no heat. I tied the TT together and it did not work. And now the phone rings, the guys are waiting to do some serious ice fishing, and ensure no beer can should survive.
I have gone through the sequance but who could possibly imagine that a problem so simple and obviuos could be so elusive and now with my boss on site and another tech, we where still unable to fiqure out why it would not run in heating mode. hell we coundn't even get it to service mode. so we called a night and I had called the area rep who was out of state, and no response from HTP. So the next morning I got up at 4AM our time to call HTP at 8 AM thier time and finally the wall where chuck was obviusly waiting.
Too make this story short (3hrs later) we had discovered the out door sensor was reading an ambiant temp of 156 degrees outside, actual was 32 and that wire the installers ran for me was right along the main power supply to the breaker panel and that disconnecting one side of the outdoor sensor was not enough, In addition the excess green wires where coiled up by the power supply wires. so combined with a fualty out door sensor and inapropriarte wiring we where able to get every thing up and running other than the owners atitude.


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