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Friday Blowing off Steam

Carl PE
Carl PE Member Posts: 203
for some plumber jokes... Anybody have one (reasonably clean - mixed company) they'd like to share?

engineer jokes are acceptable, also..


  • JimGPE_3
    JimGPE_3 Member Posts: 240
    Are you engineer material?

    Hope I didn't here this one here first. Sorry if its a repeat.

    Engineer aptitude test:

    An alian spacecraft crash lands in your back yard. You nurse the injured alians back to health. In gratitude, they give you a black box that will cure war, hunger and disease. Do you:

    a. Give it to President Bush for the betterment of America;
    b. Give it to the UN for the betterment of the world; or
    c. Take it apart to see how it works.

    Yeah, I picked "c" too. AND I spelled "engineer" wrong on my application to college.

    And now I are one!

  • Carl PE
    Carl PE Member Posts: 203

    Are you engineer material?

    Only in IL and MO.

    I spelled "engineer" wrong

    also "alien".

    Three lawyers and three engineers are making a long train trip together. On their departing trip, the engineers dutifully buy one ticket each. The lawyers, they notice, only buy one. The engineers point out the obvious flaw in this plan, but the lawyers only sneer, and say "Watch and learn, boys!" So the engineers watch. When the tickets are being collected, the lawyers get up and go into the restroom car. An engineer follows them, and sees them all climb into one toilet stall, contorting themselves so that only one pair of feet is visible from below. When the ticket collector gets that far, he knocks on the stall door and says, "Ticket please!" The lawyers hand one ticket under the door, and all is well. They return to their seats separately.
    The engineer rolls his eyes.

    On their return trip, the engineers and lawyers meet again. The lawyers, as before, buy one ticket. The engineers buy no ticket at all. The lawyers again sneer and disparage the engineers. The engineers say nothing, but look confident. This time, when the ticket collectors begins, all six of them head for the restroom car. The lawyers pile into one stall, and the engineers pile into the other.

    Then, very quietly, one of the engineers creeps out, bangs on the lawyers' stall and says, "Ticket please!".

  • jim sokolovic
    jim sokolovic Member Posts: 439
    knock, knock...

    Who's there?


    Diploma who?

    Diploma's here to fix da boila!

    (I got a bad feeling on the pop ups we're going to see)
  • Tom M.
    Tom M. Member Posts: 237
    Engineer humor

    The optimist sees a glass half full. The pessimist sees a glass half empty. The engineer sees a glass twice as big as it needs to be.
  • Todd_9
    Todd_9 Member Posts: 88
    Plumber joke

    This was told to us today by a woman upset at her husbands lack of soldering ability. "Just cause you got a crack in your a** doesn't mean you can do plumbing"
  • Tony_8
    Tony_8 Member Posts: 608
    Now THAT'S funny !

    Gotta tell that one to my Master Plumber on Monday, he'll love it :)
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