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Water Hammer Problems. HELP!

Jay C._2
Jay C._2 Member Posts: 5
Guess it's been a little too long.

Thanks Anyway.


  • Jay C._2
    Jay C._2 Member Posts: 5

    Hello Wallies!

    It's been awhile since I've been here, I've been REAL busy!

    I am trying to figure out a problem with two steam to water heat exchangers which I have inherited. Apparently this has been going on since the system was installed in 1992, hopefully I will be the last guy they have to call.Part of the problem is that the traps are stalling, this will be corrected, however one of my predcessors replaced the high capacity traps with standard F&T's, not a good move. I need to size the traps correctly as part of my job so I don't get bounced out right behind him.

    The exchangers experience severe water hammer when running at or above 50% of capacity. I have been doing some research and have figured out most of it, but I could use some help. After all, I'm just a humble technician, not an engineer.

    What I'm trying to figure out is how many pounds of condensate per hour these exchangers will produce at full load (NOT startup load, I know you have to multiple full X 2 to size the trap).

    The steam plant consists of two boilers on a common header in a lead/lag configuration. Each boiler is nameplate rated for 4200 MBtu/hr. The plant is run at 10 psig.

    Exchanger #1 = Thrush M# S16962A with 311 Sq Ft of heating surface.

    Exchanger #2 = Thrush M# S10962A with 118 Sq Ft of heating surface.

    I do not have the GPM for the water side, however typical running conditions are 130* in/160* out.

    Hope y'all can help me out on this one.


    Jay C.
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