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Training for DDC controls and training in general

I am directing this request to the large control companies that are currently installing DDC in new building applications. I would like to know if some form of on line eduaction is avialable or is something coming up in the near future. I have had courses from Honeywell and Johnson and they have been excellent. However, as with anything, you have to have the chance to practice the skills you learn. Trying out new ideas on a live system in a large building is obviously not a good idea. I am sure, if a interactive form of training was offered on the internet, it would be swamped with people taking advantage of the education. What we need is a "building" controlled by DDC and the person being trained would be able to go into the system and try out different control ideas comfortable in the knowledge that ;nothing can go wrong and freeze the place solid. Considering, the explosion of educational ideas being offered for just about everything on the internet, I have yet to see this offered to the technican working with the systems on a regular basis. What is even more perplexing: the technicans employed by the control companies, are not being trained on DDC by their own employers? I for one, would be very interested in taking training of this or for that matter; any kind of training, that will make me a more competent tech. on systems in general. The nice thing about our industry it is forever changing and never boring. However, having said that, I have always said and will continue to say, training in our business has always been lacking and it does not look good for the future. One question, before Heatinghelp.com where did you go for imformation on those problems you scratched your head about? We need more sites such as this one to help on a day to day basis -- I for one hope one of the control companies takes the challange and comes up with an educational package.
Jack Ennis Martin


  • Weezbo
    Weezbo Member Posts: 6,232
    i see what you are saying...

    have a building that you could try out ardvark to zebra ddc manufacturers with all kinds of mixed mashed types of controls so you can see what works and what doesnt almost like a heat loss with variable building materials ,practices and pieces and technologies over a wide time range and under a designe day conditions...might be sorta spendy to set something like that up...
  • bob_44
    bob_44 Member Posts: 112
    Good Idea

    Jack, you mean a virtual building in cyber space don't you? A student could choose any type of system, piping arrangment or control system and play what-if. Kind of like a heating sim-city. bob
  • Boiler Guy
    Boiler Guy Member Posts: 585

    idea. I am sure I am no different than most techs here. If you don't use it regularly you have to relearn it each time.
  • Jack Ennis Martin
    Jack Ennis Martin Member Posts: 35
    ddc controls

    Yes ,you have hit the nail on the proverbial head. My two young sons play games on the computer that are so realistic that sometimes even I get interested. My question is and will always be this:

    The engineers design the system, the architects okay the system and who makes the stupid thing work -- you got it us! Its about time ,in my mind ,that some of the mutlimillions of dollars spent on research should be directed towards further training for us old farts and a real whack of cash to the community colleges that are training our mechanics of tomorrow. I would really like to see a post from Honeywell,Johnson, Siemans etc about what they are prepared to do to further training? How are we as journeyman supposed to train apprentices ;when ,we are scratching our heads over the system? Ah well ,as long as we can get it to work somehow the control companies will never invest a cent --such is life. Jack Ennis Martin
  • Steve K._3
    Steve K._3 Member Posts: 1

    The only thing I see as a possable glitch is most of the software is of a proprietary nature. I don't think most of the biggies, Invensys,Honeywell,Johnson Controls,Powers.... would like their software floating around. That is my $.02.

    Steve K
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