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Oil Pumps

Maine Ken
Maine Ken Member Posts: 531
Seven bad oil pumps in two weeks. At this rate we are going to empty all the local suppliers!!!!!!!!!!!

"Maine" Ken

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  • I hope

    that tanker load of grit did not also stop here in town. I am giving some thought to relocating the filter so we can add a finer secondary and go to flex lines to the Reillos.
    Cold out eh?
  • Bill Nye_2
    Bill Nye_2 Member Posts: 538
    Bad, How?

    How are they "bad" ? Will not pump? Leak? bad cut off? No pressure ? Bad %$#@?? All the same brand? All the same tech? Curious minds want to know ????????????????????
  • oil-2-4-6-gas
    oil-2-4-6-gas Member Posts: 641

    might be a problem this way also --i have went on a few calls of oil leaks -- blown seals this season --yesterday i went to 3 supply houses and they were all out of the Suntec a2va-7116
  • Maine Ken
    Maine Ken Member Posts: 531

    Thats the pump!!! Most blown seals. Couple pressure fluxuated all over the map!!!! Only two of us working. I had four myself.

    "Maine" Ken

    Hows the fishing Doug???

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  • Weezbo
    Weezbo Member Posts: 6,232
    The new suntech pumps ..you need to check the pumps

    by holding on to the shaft,if the shaft comes out in your hand then YeAh what a wonderful deal....i think they should build them more after the fashion of the older model h and j ..these little pumps are getting one sorta bad these days. i dont do much service work unless i am in the wrong place at the wrong time and someone knows me:) buh i have replaced easily ten times the number of these little suntecs than the older ones. and not only on burners that are old by any strech ....it cant be it was designed to keep my service tools in the truck...........long time ago one would never think of condemming a pump from the get go.......now, well id make that a lot closer to "better check the pump shaft play on Every problem call". oh,....if you even think its water or moisture or ice in the fuel line check the pump...'that is the same type symptom '....'as'....'its the pumpshaft, ! Again!'.of course.
  • todd s
    todd s Member Posts: 212

    Why don't you guys switch to the a2va-3006 or the beckett cleancut? This is a better setup since either has a solenoid built in.
  • Maine Ken
    Maine Ken Member Posts: 531

    Do both models require a new primary? Do the solenoids shut the oil off before it can get through a blown shaft seal???

    "Maine" Ken

    ps all of these pumps were oem.

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  • Ranger
    Ranger Member Posts: 210
    Here's the lo-down fellas...

    as of 27 December 2004:
    Suntec has been experiencing major problems supplying fuel units this season.A combination of component shortages and quality problems has created a severe backorder situation for the entire industry.Suntec has not been able to provide estimates of when their shipping problems will improve.(I do not know if this is a steel backlash issue or a sub-vender issue)
    Suntec Webster Danfoss
    A1VA-7112 / M17DL-6 / 071N1152
    A1VC-7114 / M17CL-6 / 071N1158
    A2VA-7115 / M34DK-3 / 071N1151
    A2VC-7118 / M34CL-3 / 071N1157
    B1VA-8212 / 2M17DL-6 / N/A
    B2VA-8216 / 2M34DL-3 / N/A (Cross-Reference).
  • Todd_9
    Todd_9 Member Posts: 88

    The cleancut pump does need a delay in the primary. The 3006 is basicly a a2va7116 with a solenoid built in. I don't believe either will protect against a shaft seal leak. I'm sorry to hear of your bad luck. Maybe try a reman from Sids? or a Danfoss?
  • Maine Ken
    Maine Ken Member Posts: 531

    Cleaned the local Sids out!! I'm not a fan of the o-ring with the Danfoss.


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  • Robert O'Connor_6
    Robert O'Connor_6 Member Posts: 299
    Ok heres the scoop

    Suntec moved facilities brought the old machines that make the pumps but they did not bring the operators(duh)!

    The 3006 is your best pump it has two levels of cut out/in protection, traditional cut off and solenoid.( can be used with any primary)

    The "cleancut" needs a valve on delay primary or a delay built into the harness of the solenoid. The cleancut has no internal cutoff.



  • oil-2-4-6-gas
    oil-2-4-6-gas Member Posts: 641

    the cleancut pump has its own set of problems w/the solenoids i've had a few that were bad --intermitendly the valve would shut off -those service calls get to be annoying --kinda like the early Carlin primaries-- i've changed more of them then any other
  • Thursday is

    to be warm in the mid 20's and sunny and am taking two divers out for scallops. Hope to get some pictures this trip.

    Glad I have two Biasi's and Reillo's. Sometimes redundancy is good???
  • sootmonkey
    sootmonkey Member Posts: 158
    Maine Ken

    Ken, I work in southern Maine as an oil tech, for a company that you have heard about. I too, have replaced many more oil pumps than what would be concidered normal. All of these pumps had been in service for 10 or more years. I would guess that I would replace less than a half a dozzen a year. I think that in the last month that I have replaced 6 or 8. I was driving the parts manager nuts for a while. 3 in one day. Keith
  • Weezbo
    Weezbo Member Posts: 6,232

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