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Hartford and my problems

I finally was fed up with my steam boiler, the installer did not install it properly, it had no hartford loop, so I installed one and it is fantastic, no water hammer, but now the boiler does not heat the house effectively like it did before,
What is wrong


  • Constantin
    Constantin Member Posts: 3,796
    How about...

    ... some pictures, some system information, etc.? For example, what is the EDR rating of the boiler vs. all the attached radiators. Piping lengths, vent types and places of installation, etc.
  • Sean Powell
    Sean Powell Member Posts: 1
    Elevation of condensation return( hartford loop)

    I understand the design of the Hartford Loop and why it is used for Gravity Steam systems . My question is , when an older steam boiler ( larger water mass)is replaced with a properly sized steam boiler and a boiler feed system is introduced into the system ,at what level should the condensate be introduced back into the boiler? The manufacture usually recommends that the Hartford loop be installed 2" below their established water line for their boiler. I have experienced situations where this approach will cause a violent hammer. I have installed systems where this problem was eliminated by either entering the equilizing loop at a downward 45 degree angle at the level recommended by the manufacture or by introducing the condensate into the base of the equilizing loop. On a "pumped" condensate return does it matter ?
  • Alan_6
    Alan_6 Member Posts: 87

    Did the hartford loop change the way it heats the house?
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