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Roof top gas electric

rich_16 Member Posts: 15
cant get a york 5 ton gas fired roof op to fir. 12" water colum inlet. pilot solenoid opens smell gas out of inducer discharge. sparker sparking. oriface clean. help


  • Disconnect the main valve wire

    this is for safety reasons, and reach in and light the pilot with a match. Make sure the combustion chamber has been aired out for 5 minutes or more. If it lights and everything runs okay then your problem is pilot to igniter related. At that point remove the pilot and clean it and inspect the spark rod. Depending on whose pilot it is you could have a combination spark/flame rod (Honeywell) or a seperate spark rod and flame rod (all other manufacturers).

    The spark has to be at the point of best gas air mix. With the pilot flame lit it should envelope the upper 1/2 to 3/8 of the spark rod - flame rod.

    Is this an LP gas system? I assume it is with pressure of 12" W.C. but you never know. If it is natural gas that pressure is too high for the pilot orifice. Pilot gas is on line pressure so find the pilot adjustment screw on the gas valve and adjust the pilot until it meets the settings mentioned above.
  • wjh
    wjh Member Posts: 8
    york rooftop

    york rooftops have a disk located in the flue collector where the draft inducer mounts if it is rotted out or missing the inducer produces too much draft and the pilot will never light-also if this disc is rotted/missing it will produce alot of co if it lights on main flame
  • David_5
    David_5 Member Posts: 250
    Pilot line leak ?

    I have seen the aluminum tubing for the pilot leak on York rooftops. The gas can be smelled at the draft outlet but the pilot burner won't light. I have also seen the pilot orifice get clogged.

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