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weil mclain VS Slant-fin Baseboards

RoosterBoy Member Posts: 459
my contractor is installing baseboards on Monday and wants me to decide what kind I want. what would be the better one
weil mclain therma trim or slantfin 30



  • Alan_6
    Alan_6 Member Posts: 87

    > my contractor is installing baseboards on Monday

    > and wants me to decide what kind I want. what

    > would be the better one weil mclain therma trim

    > or slantfin 30


    > thanks

    I prefer slantfin, the louver on top adjusts better.
  • Mike Reavis_2
    Mike Reavis_2 Member Posts: 307
    I don't know much about Slant-FIn

    I put some in years ago, and pretty much all baseboard (copper) works about the same. The color is a little different between the two. The W/M is made by Argo. It is painted all the way around, has a rolled top, that is suppossed to make it stong, and install well on walls. It has these blue plastic strips on the element that probably aid in keeping it quiet in the enclosure. I had my choice yesterday of ordering either W/M, or another locally available brand to complete a job--I ordered the W/M.
  • jeff_51
    jeff_51 Member Posts: 545

    There is really little differance except for color and style. WM usually costs a little more because of name. Been using both for years. You can feel confident with either one
  • Alan_6
    Alan_6 Member Posts: 87

    I prefer slantfin, the louver on top adjusts better.
  • curiousity kills
    curiousity kills Member Posts: 118

    Just my two cents,I like Kompac made by sterling.Very nice looking baseboard.I find the slantfin covers dont hold up to every day use ie..kids toys hitting them.They tend to fall off more.The kompac snaps on very tight and seems more rugged.Also has a sleek design
  • Bruce M.
    Bruce M. Member Posts: 143
    Burnham BaseRay

    Burnham makes a castiron baseboard that is excellent. Slant-fin also makes a cast iron baseboard. Slant-fin makes about 15 or 20 different types of baseboard The 30 series is one of the cheapest and does not compare with their better ones.
  • Tina Warfield
    Tina Warfield Member Posts: 1
    New Weil McClain Oil Burner

    I have just purchased from a company a Weil McClain Hot water Oil Burner for $4,800.00. When I looked down into the unit I noticed it was rusted and looked like it had silicone in it. Am I being charged for a used burner? I asked the contractor and his explaination was they are all like this because they are tested at the manufacturers and the rust is the result of the testing. Am I being snowed by this company and buying a refurbished or used burner???
  • Al Letellier
    Al Letellier Member Posts: 781
    rusty Weil

    This is a different thread from what is being discussed here, but no, you aren't being "taken". I assume you are talking about the boiler block, not the burner. I have installed hundreds of Weils, and they all look rusty and sillicone is visible when looking in the top of the unit. That unit is tested at the factory and will have some rust on it. If the jacket is clean and intact, it most likely a new one. You can also check the CP# on the side of the boiler and have a local supplier check the date of manufacture on the unit. The CP number is the boiler serial number. Chances are, your getting a new one.

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  • bob2564
    bob2564 Member Posts: 1
    edited February 2011
    same thing

    It's just about the same thing. Slant fin makes the baseboard for weil mclain. It's the same quality. Slant fin just started making the baseboard this year for them. It's powder coated the same way too.
  • Fred Rappuhn
    Fred Rappuhn Member Posts: 107
    What is the better grade of Slant Fin??

    What would you consider the better grade/line of Slant Fin baseboard?

    I have some to install.
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