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Sorched Air close call

Jaitch Member Posts: 68
Yesterday, we repalce a scorched air unit. The homeowners decided to upgrade only because they were finishing off the basement and figured this would be a good time to replace the furnace. No mention of odors, improper operation or anything else. The attached photo shows what we found. Why are these people not dead?

PS. We haven't done any service for this customer as far back as our records go...............


  • John Mills_3
    John Mills_3 Member Posts: 221

    Biggest "crack" in a heat exchanger I've seen!

    I rented a house in 1989 built in 1937 with original furnace. Could tell when the heat came on moisture coming out of the vents. No humidifier. CO test in the house clear, visual inspection found nothing. When relic was removed, 2 big cracks were found. Guess the ancient conversion burner was burning clean enough not putting out enough CO to register or hurt us.

    We installed a 1 pipe 90 installed recently, idiot installer forgot to glue a couple PVC fittings and enough gases leaked out into the furnace room and were sucked into the burners that they ended up with 40 ppm in the house. Shows what starving the burners for clean air can do to the flue gases :(
  • Darin Cook_3
    Darin Cook_3 Member Posts: 389
    Double WOW

    That has to be one of the worst ones I have seen. You would think that everyone in the house should of at least displayed symptoms of CO poisoning. But apparently the unit was still burning well and the house had plenty of dilution air. Thank goodness it did not go the other way for the people. Obviously the other company never did more than dust the jacket off and smoke a cig. The owners should get all their money refunded for the cleanings. It was dumb luck that no one ever got hurt there. Because if they were not cleaning it, you know damn well they never checked combustion numbers. Kudos to your company for finding the massive problem and replacing the unit.

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