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Boiler Feed vs Condensate pump

In planning for our new boiler in our old one pipe system my heating contractor is worried about condensate getting back into the system fast enough and wants to put in a condensate pump system (Hoffman WC6-20-B) along with a McDonald Miller #47-2 low water cutoff w/autofill. I told him that from everything I have read, and I agree with him about the condensate problem, that a boiler feed system would be better since it supplies water only when the boiler needs it and not when the water level in the condensate pump reaches certain level. Especially with an auto feed there would be a real danger of too much water in the system. Am I correct in voicing this concern.




  • Robert O'Connor_7
    Robert O'Connor_7 Member Posts: 688
    Feed unit vs. Condensate pump..

    Depending on the aplication......! If the existing system is operational, you need to measure the amount and time it takes for the water to return. Then and only then will you know. Anything else is just a guess. You have to also know the EDR of the system (measure the radiation) before you calculate the size of the boiler and whether or not such a tank(s) are even needed. Most installers and manufacturers reps are by nature, "profit motivated" By installing such a tank you now are gonna have another problem, that being live steam making its way back to the tank (which, if you haven't been told is open to the atmosphere). In most cases I've seen, one pipe systems with wet returns just need to be flushed out with the exception being abnormally long runs of pipe. If I was to install one, I would use a MM 150S LWCO with feed control and wire it to the feed unit, and feed the water to the tank (just be careful cause most takes don't like high pressure water, so you may want to install a pressure reducing valve in line)...Robert O'Connor/NJ
  • I'm with Robert

  • Dick DeAngelis
    Dick DeAngelis Member Posts: 12
    other possible solution

    What about using a probe cutoff and an electronic water feeder. This combination seems like it would eliminate the need for either a condensate pump or a boiler feed pump?

  • I would make sure

    the new boiler is piped to manufacturer's specs. Try it. If there are condensate return problems, address them. A pump should be the fix of last resort. We just removed our 5th condensate pump/boiler feed system in the last few years. When the boilers were piped properly, fired @ the actual load, & piping insulated, the condensate return problems went away.

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