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Gas burner adjustment how much preasure??

John Lasky
John Lasky Member Posts: 35
good afternoon everyone.

many thanks again for all the help on my steam dilemas.

most problems are solved and now its time tO GET THE FLAME RIGHT.

what is the best way to tune a gas burner to the given system?

My boiler is a HB Smith GB 200 165,000 I have Burnaham base ray cast baseboards on the first floor (2 pipe vented)wet return and single pipe Radiators on the second floor.

everything is working pretty darn good now!!

I changed my preasure switch last week as the switch that came with the boiler was rated 3-15 psi (what do I know Im an electrician *G* I thought 3.5 psi was fine for 5 years) I installed a new switch thats rated .5-9 psi Im running at just under 2psi and ill cut in at a hair above 1/2 psi.

what is the best method to get the burner heat right for the load, Im sure Ive been running too hot and too high a preasure these last few years as my bills were hefty.

1) do I adjust brner based on heat up time for furthest Rad from a clod start?

2) cubic feet of gas used per a given time (how do you clock gas usage)

3) do I need to check gas preasure going to nozzles?

this boiler stuff is interesting I learned alot this past week thank you very much.



  • jim sokolovic
    jim sokolovic Member Posts: 439
    Yikes, John...

    Do not even think about choice #1! You will get alot of different opinions here about the importance of choices #2 and #3. You should really have a pro come in with the right combustion test instruments. I would say set the input to manufacturer spec, check the pressure to be near spec, then check the combustion to be A safe level of CO.
  • Dale
    Dale Member Posts: 1,317
    Look at the nameplate

    The nameplate on the boiler should show the manifold pressure, it's almost always 3 1/2 inches water col. You check it with a magnahelic or u tube manometer. The input is this pressure plus the size of the orifice holes for each burner times the heat value of the gas, usually 1000 btu per cubic foot is ok. You can call your local gas company and they'll tell you how to clock the meter. As to how's it running the stack temp tells you alot more than the manifold pressure. As the other post suggested a combustion test along with the pressure check is money well spent, after cleaning and testing you have a baseline.
  • John, if you will

    e-mail me at [email protected] I will send you for free the procedure for clocking a gas burner. Give me you postal mailing address as it is too lengthy to e-mail. I do however encourage you to have a professional come and do a combustion analysis on your equipment. That end of this business is not something to fool with as it can be very dangerous.
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