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Sparco zone valves

marty D_2
marty D_2 Member Posts: 35
My partner and i found a 3yr old radiant system that
after much head scratching, actually had 6 out of 7 sparco
zone valves with bad end switches. Even if you closed the
switch manually, it electrically would not make contact.
Is this just a fluke, or is their any history out there
relative to this problem? The only common thread is that
the electrical system in the house took a lightning hit a
couple summers ago, which took out the 3 tekmar controls, but zone valves all worked fine until this week, now they
are all, but one, dead with non functional end switches. Any
help much appreciated.



  • BillW@honeywell
    [email protected] Member Posts: 1,099
    The heads are replaceable...

    I would suspect the lightning strike may have had something to do with the premature demise of the end switches, since in this product line, end switch failures are rare. Low transformer voltage can sometimes fry contacts, too, make sure you don't have too many valves on a transformer. Sparco & Braukmann are now part of Honeywell water products. The part number for the replacement head is MZV520RP. Tech support can be reached at (401) 738-4290.
  • marty D_2
    marty D_2 Member Posts: 35

    Thanks for the replacement part source. I will let my
    service manager know. We did not see low voltage from the
    transformer (source being tekmar control), But, since the
    originals were zapped by lightning, no telling what the
    end switches may have received at that time.

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