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Another Powerpile ?

JM_2 Member Posts: 108
I know that on many powerpile systems a second Pressurtroll is used as a safety, which when a high limit is reached the safety pressuretroll will shut the system down, even extinguishing the pilot.

A friend of mine recently told me his powerpile system was not heating. But the pilot was lit. when he called for service the tech told him he had a clogged pigtail. It seems the regular pressurteroll, not the second or safety one, was clogged and this clog was not allowing the gas valve to open.

My question is what causes this? A clogged pressuretroll should cause the system to not shut off right? Unless there was so much crud in the pig tail that it actually pushed into the pressuretroll tripping the high limit. Could this be what happend? Has anyone heard of this?



  • David_5
    David_5 Member Posts: 250
    Can happen

    I have seen 2 clogged pigtails keep 2 boilers off. Don't know what the crud is, and don't see it enough to care.

  • Pigtail gets plugged

    and pressure builds up between the blockage and the pressuretrol shutting it off. Remember it is steam when it gets through the blockage but then condenses between the blockage and the sensing port on the pressuretrol. Water is more dense than steam.

    How to clean a pigtail: take it out and get it cherry red by holding it in a flame with a pair of pliers, plumbers torch or any gas flame nearby will do, then drop it in a bucket of cold clean water,it will blast all the blockage out and you will have a nice clean pigtail.

    By the way I have some excellent books on Powerpile Systems and troubleshooting them.
  • tommyoil
    tommyoil Member Posts: 613

    Thats a great idea. In the pinch I'll have to give it a shot. I have also used my sid harvey blowout gun. The tapping happens to be 3/8" and the piggy screws right on. Screw it on and unload a CO2 cartridge. Like I said, in the pinch, it works.
  • JM_2
    JM_2 Member Posts: 108

    Where can i learn more about powerpile?
  • John, depending

    on your willingness to get training I run an all day class at my training center on Powerpile Systems.

    I also have a book I have created which covers those systems in detail.

    If you contact me at my e-mail address [email protected] I will give you some assistance. Please include a postal mailing address so that I may send you ordering information and class schedules.
  • steve_6
    steve_6 Member Posts: 243

    I've had good luck with removing them, washing them out while snaking it through with a length of solder. Also you wont have a problem if these are washed out every year.
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