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Viessmann Mixing valve

Kritz_3 Member Posts: 85
Would any problems develop by placing the Viessmann mixing
valve in the horizontal postion rather than vertical, the piping configuration would be so much cleaner that way. I know it states
that it should be in the vertical to keep debris from mucking up the
works. But has anyone installed it on the horizontal and had it in
service for a while?

Thanks ,Steve


  • S Ebels
    S Ebels Member Posts: 2,322
    Viessmann recommends

    The vertical position due to crud build up and air purging and they are correct. I have to confess however that I have a couple in horizontal configuration that are functioning quite nicely thankyou. Both of these were in situations where it was nearly impossible to pipe otherwise. Both also are below the high point of the near boiler piping with a good air scoop and strainer in front of them.
  • Kritz_3
    Kritz_3 Member Posts: 85
    In the Mix

    Here is another scheme, Hows about the system supply out the
    bottom,and the boiler supply in from the top (speaking about the mixing valve)? I am planning to have the B.S. and B.R. running vertical feeding from left to right.
    Thanks in advance, Steve
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