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Loud oil fired Burnhams

Paul_33 Member Posts: 3
I have installed 4 BURNHAM V83's and V84's the only complaint is they are loud when the burner is running. Any way to quiet them down?


  • eleft_4
    eleft_4 Member Posts: 509

    Which tube kit is on the burner? 8 hole or 16 slot. the 16 slot is quiet.

  • Paul

    This question comes up once in a while and here is an explanation. The noise you are hearing is combustion noise and it does not happen on every installation. We arranged a few jobsite visits with some technicians from Beckett earlier this year and as a result of those visits Beckett reconfigured the AFG for the V83 and V84 with a 16 slot air tube assembly versus the 8 slot model. This changes the way the air flows around the head and has made a world of difference.

    Other things that can inprove the sound resonance you are hearing is to move the barometric farther away from the boiler or closer to the chimney. Having the barometric opening pointing out towards the room or open space instead of toward a wall in close proximity will lessen the sounding board effect a bit. Hope this helps.

    Glenn Stanton

    Burnham Hydronics
  • marc
    marc Member Posts: 203
    how about the V82

    we have installed 2 and both customers have been concerned about the noise. marc
  • Firedragon_4
    Firedragon_4 Member Posts: 1,436
    There's a thread on this at OTT, too!

  • Marc

    I am not sure if this has been addressed with the V82 as there aren't too many of those out in the field. Due to the lack of a combustion chamber in this model, this one runs with an entirely different tube and head assembly. I will check with Beckett this week and see if that has been addressed.

  • Fred Harwood
    Fred Harwood Member Posts: 261
    Loud Burnhams

    Will the newer 16-hole on the AFG work in the Burnham V74T boiler as well? like less noise.
  • Fred

    You will have to check with Beckett on that one. I do know that they have made a tremendous difference on the V-8. The V-8 uses the M series Tube though where the V-7 did not.

  • eleft_4
    eleft_4 Member Posts: 509
    M tube

    Can you clarify the term "chassis change" for me?

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