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Tekmar 265 & Pinnacle Boiler

Paul Rohrs
Paul Rohrs Member Posts: 357
Put online today. We have a few small glitches to work out. This is an 8,000 sqft house. The 4,000 sqft basement has 6 zones. All zones are radiant floor heat, slab-on-grade. The Main level is 4,000 sqft gypcrete overpour that is also radiant floor heat with 6 zones.
The tape over some of the globe valves and circs indicate zones we haven't brought on-line yet.

Matt is the installing contractor, he is no-longer a "diamond in the rough", he is pretty well polished in radiant floor heat. (I was just the system designersales guy).

The Pinnacle 199 low fires at 66,000 btu's, some of the smaller zones are only 2-3000 btu's, that is why the buffer tank. I also like the soft-stop, DHW purge functions going to the buffer tank before the zone heating resumes after the DHW takes priority and then satisfies.

The "265 Mechanical" pic is the design that Matt installed around. This was a great residential job that took a little planning. The general contractor is very detail oriented. We had a half-hour discussion about which type of electrical conduit would look best. (It's Thomas & Betts liquitite).

Anyway, thought you might enjoy some pics. I think the hydronic bug has biten Matt and he might be a "wall-flower"
this evening. He is deserving of many kudo's I think.




  • Grumpy_2
    Grumpy_2 Member Posts: 82
    Very nice, BUT......

    Shouldn't you have put on a TACO jacket? Not a B&G pump in sight. ;)
  • hydronicsmike
    hydronicsmike Member Posts: 855
    Beautiful Job, Paul...

    ...as always!!

    Very nice design followed by superp Installation.

  • Paul Rohrs_2
    Paul Rohrs_2 Member Posts: 171

    I did have on my Taco shirt and Peerless underwear!


  • Paul Rohrs
    Paul Rohrs Member Posts: 357
    Interface Module

    I have been getting questions on the Interface Module. This is made for Peerless. It is a model 91488.

    The tekmar 265 (and 263) want to modulate from a 4-20ma signal, the pinnacle only puts out 0-10V DC, the interface module take the 0-10DC and converts it to 4-20ma.

    The Pink and Light Blue lead snap into the printed circuit board of the boiler(The Molex connector on the circuit board), the purple and yellow tie into terminals 6&7 on the 265 control.


  • Jay_14
    Jay_14 Member Posts: 39

    Hello Paul,

    Is the Interface card for the Pinnacle readily available to everyone or is still hard to obtain? I realize the interface is new for Peerless.

  • Paul Rohrs
    Paul Rohrs Member Posts: 357
    Didn't seem to be a problem

    The new pinnacle has the updated PC125 board right out of the factory and that is the only way they are shipping right now.

    I have the interface module in stock. It took about 3-weeks lead time to get. I haven't heard of any problems about production or inability to ship.


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