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Steam Pressure Gauge

gehring_3 Member Posts: 74
I want to replace the stock 0-30 psi gauge that came on my steam boiler with something more accurate on the low end, say 0-5 psi. My local plumbing supply house does not have anything in stock - it would be a special order.

My question is what make/model/serial number specifically do you steam experts recommend? I understand some gauges also show a vaccum side which would be interesting to see as there does appear to be that short time after shut down, but prior to the main vents re-openning that I might run a slight vaccum and it would be fun to note.

Any suggestions on particular brand names & model numbers?

Also, would I mount such a gauge off a pigtail or straight tap into the boiler?



  • gerry gill
    gerry gill Member Posts: 3,010
    mount on a pigtail.

    we take off the stock gauge and put an ounce gage on..Dwyer co. has some nice ones..
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  • Codes require the gauge read 2 times the relief valve setting

    This is so that you can read on the gauge the steam pressure when the relief valve fails, and the pressure climbs above 15 PSI.

    You can add a second gauge if you like. Just don't replace the gauge that's there for your safety with one that's for convenience only.

    Imagine thinking that you have 6 or 7 ounces, when you really have 27 PSI steam? Ouch.


  • Ken Ditchfield
    Ken Ditchfield Member Posts: 10
    Pressure Gauge

    I've had good results with a WIKA 0-3 psi gauge. Try - they've got a variety of low pressure gauges. I'd mount it on a pigtain just to be on the safe side. Remember to put some water in the pigtail after you've attached it to the boiler and before you attach the gauge.
  • Glenn Harrison_2
    Glenn Harrison_2 Member Posts: 845
    Here's a large source of gauges.

    Please note you should keep the 0-30 psi gauge, as code frequently requires a gauge that can read twice the rated pressure of the relief valve, which is normally set at 15 psi, and it's just good common sense saftey that you know if your boiler has exceeded the rating of the relief valve, in case the boiler runs wild and the relief valve is stuck closed. The gauges should be mounted to the pigtail, just add another tee and add the second gauge of your choice.
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